Peshawar blast

Raza Rumi

Pak Tea House mourns the death of a dedicated aid workers in the Pearl Continental. As I am a part of the development ‘set’, such incidents are deeply disturbing. After all development workers work in difficult circumstances for a commitment to their professions which in theory at least is based on idealism. We are saddened to see that UN staff have offered their lives along with scores of innocent Pakistani civilians. Why are the extremists killing inoccent civilians – in a war surely you choose your targets or is it just a reflection of the mayhem they want to create and make it into another terror-zone. Pakistani citizens are already backing the Army in its operation and we hope that this reign of terror is tackled with an iron hand backed by economic development and some sort of reconciliation in the medium term. But this sort of violence is unacceptable and must not be a reason to halt the military operations and the national policy against militancy and terror.


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  1. M

    Maududi’s Children

    How the intellectuality of Political Islam turned into the brutality of faithful fascism: Nadeem F. Paracha

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  3. hayyer48

    What percentage of college educated Pakistanis would one reckon as being of the same persuasion as Nadeem Paracha? Just asking for my own education.