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Pakistan: Chaos Unto Order?

Haris Gazdar (Economic and Political Weekly)

The Pakistani military finally appears to have embraced the war against jihadi militancy as its own. If so, an important shift in perception and policy has taken place. Past experience, however, demands caution before coming to any hasty conclusions. Things are chaotic enough in any case, for there to be sufficient material evidence to support optimists  and sceptics alike. It is possible, nevertheless, to post milestones that will need to be crossed if  we are to decisively move in the right direction. Continue reading


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Peshawar blast

Raza Rumi

Pak Tea House mourns the death of a dedicated aid workers in the Pearl Continental. As I am a part of the development ‘set’, such incidents are deeply disturbing. After all development workers work in difficult circumstances for a commitment to their professions which in theory at least is based on idealism. We are saddened to see that UN staff have offered their lives along with scores of innocent Pakistani civilians. Why are the extremists killing inoccent civilians – in a war surely you choose your targets or is it just a reflection of the mayhem they want to create and make it into another terror-zone. Continue reading


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Female Pakistani Parliamentarians visit Houston

By SHAHZADA IRFAN Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

Courtesy of Pakistani Chronicle

Marvi Memon led the delegation of female members of the Pakistani Parliament who recently visited Houston.

When five Pakistani female legislators made an official visit to Houston last week, they braced themselves for questions they hear often when traveling to Western nations.

“Do women go out of their houses in your country?” “Can women move around without a veil?” Continue reading


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