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Flying in the valley

Basant retains its true spirit even as far away as the Silicon Valley

By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed

Just when basant is becoming history, and something increasingly forbidden in Pakistan, this colourful event is gaining popularity abroad day by day. Pakistani diaspora settled all over the world arranges this festival on a regular basis — basically to strengthen its bonds with its culture back home. A bunch of friends, students or families get together at a common place and have fun flying kites and relishing traditional Pakistani cuisine. Continue reading



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Pakistan military campaign has broad support, but for how long?

People across Pakistan, and even in the northwest, support the offensive against the local Taliban militants. But among refugees, and areas bearing the brunt of the influx, patience is wearing thin.

By Alex Rodriguez

Reporting from Mardan, Pakistan — Cradled in his father’s arms, 8-month-old Maaz Ayaz appeared listless and underweight.

A smudge of dirt marked the boy’s face. His father, Mohammed Ayaz, anxiously talked of how he and his wife could feed Maaz only tea and biscuits Continue reading

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Meet the Muslims: Obama in Cairo

By Wajahat Ali

President Obama invites Muslim communities worldwide to join him as a “partner” dedicated to ending a “cycle of suspicion and discord.” He strives “to seek a new beginning between the US and Muslims all around the world.” Although Obama confessed, “no single speech can eradicate years of mistrust,” he hopes Muslim communities will invest faith in his iconic presence as the world’s first multicultural Superman and new ambassador of a tolerant, introspective and cooperative America. Continue reading


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US proxy war continues in north-west Pakistan

By James Cogan

The arrival of Obama administration special envoy Richard Holbrooke in Pakistan on Wednesday serves to underscore that the massive military operation taking place in the country’s north-west is a proxy war on behalf on US imperialism. As part of completing the transformation of Afghanistan into a client-state in Central Asia, Obama is demanding that the Pakistani government suppress the local Islamist movements that lend support to the Afghan resistance over the border. Continue reading

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