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In Loving Memory of Capt. Omerzeb (Shaheed)


Since the operation against militants began in April last month, over 1,100 militants had been killed and over 60 soldiers had been martyred so far. Yet I never felt the pain of those dying in the name of their country’s sovereignty against terrorism so excruciating as the martyrdom of my sister’s fiancé. Continue reading



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Al Qaeda operatives targeting Pakistani leaders


Al Qaeda has transferred seven operatives from the Iraq theater to target senior Pakistani leaders. The targets of the planned attacks are President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, General Kiyani, and other senior military officers, cabinet ministers, and provincial leaders.

The seven operatives, who were behind deadly attacks in Iraq, reportedly met in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Paktia on May 3 to plan the operations, according to a report in the Daily Times. Continue reading

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Aid agencies prepare for growing emergency as Pakistan conflict widens

By Nita Bhalla

NEW DELHI – Aid workers struggling to help hundreds of thousands of war-displaced people in Pakistan are preparing for even greater challenges as the army looks to expand its offensive against Taliban militants to the border with Afghanistan.

The month-long operation against insurgents in the picturesque Swat Valley and other parts of the northwest has caused one of the largest internal displacements in recent times, with around 2.5 million people forced to seek refuge in camps or with host communities. Continue reading

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Pulling Terror’s Teeth In Pakistan

By Ralph Peters

FIGHTING terrorists and insurgents resembles dental care: If you ignore the cavity, it doesn’t get better on its own. The sooner you’re lying back in the chair, the less painful it’s going to be.

Last month, Pakistan finally and belatedly admitted to itself that its terrorist problem had spread so deeply that at least one bad tooth had to be pulled. The military went into the Taliban-occupied Swat Valley in force.

After years of neglect and rot, the apparent determination of Pakistan’s leaders to really take on the terrorists was reassuring. Continue reading

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The Extremists of Pakistan

by Asif Salahuddin

 They have no tolerance. They speak, abusively if necessary, and desire little debate in return. They order and demand to be obeyed. They care not of another’s grievance or state of affairs, nor make any effort towards an understanding of such. They choose to remain ignorant of the world around and its realities that impact them. They wish their every whim to be met and every diktat to be followed by all. They are prepared to use violence – brutal, unrelenting and destructive violence – until they get their way. Continue reading


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Swat & Tourism

by  Bilal Qureshi

The army did wonders in Swat and proved that few militants, even if they are determined to die, but inflict tremendous harm to others are no match for a disciplined army, thank God. At this point, it seems obvious that the situation in Swat is getting better in terms of the defeat of the Taliban. The government seems in control and sooner or later, the residents are going to start coming back to their villages, homes and towns.

And that is where the new problem begins! Continue reading

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