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Humanitarian crisis looming in Pakistan

By Shahla Khan, IFN Staff Reporter            

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Thousands of civilians trapped in Pakistan’s northwest Frontier Province, where the military is pounding Taliban insurgents, face ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ unless help reaches them soon, the New York-based Human Rights Watch said late last month. “The government cannot allow the local population to remain trapped without food, clean water and medicine as a tactic to defeat the Taliban,” said Brad Adams, the group’s Asia director. Continue reading


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We are all Tamil and Pashtun today:


Ich  bin ein Tamil and Pustun. We are all Tamil and Pashtun today, back in 1960s American President J.F Kennedy chanted for the freedom of Berliners. We should show our humanitarian solidarity with the civilian victims of terrorism in Tamil and Pashtun areas. Continue reading


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Winning the War in Afghanistan, in Pakistan

By Ilias Karim

Now that President Obama has rebranded Bush’s “Global War on Terror” as the “Overseas Contingency Operation,” we are beginning to see the policy changes that will determine the course of America’s wars abroad. To start, Obama shifted focus from the war in Iraq to the war in Afghanistan, where he has deployed an additional 3,000 U.S. troops with plans of deploying 17,000 more. The latest focus of the campaign is to disrupt the opium trade, a major source of Taliban funding, by targeting poppy fields in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province. Continue reading

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Taliban Stir Rising Anger of Pakistanis


Published: June 4, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A year ago, the Pakistani public was deeply divided over what to do about its spreading insurgency. Some saw the Taliban militants as fellow Muslims and native sons who simply wanted Islamic law, and many opposed direct military action against them.

But history moves quickly in Pakistan, and after months of televised Taliban cruelties, broken promises and suicide attacks, there is a spreading sense Continue reading

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Gilani Says Pakistan Will Revive Swat as Army Overcomes Taliban

By Farhan Sharif and Khalid Qayum

June 5 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani pledged to revive the Swat Valley as the military said it is winning the battle to drive Taliban fighters from the northeastern region.

Resources must be set aside now to ensure the “revival of economic activities” and the return of displaced people, Gilani told the National Economic Council yesterday, according to the state-run Associated Press of Pakistan. “We must plan now.” Continue reading

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Thank You Taliban

During the five years Taliban held court in Afghanistan, horror stories of the ruthless rule exemplified by the fiercely Wahabbi interpretation of Sharia, spread far and wide. The spiritual kin of Taliban across the border in Pakistan conversely labelled the same horrific tales as inspirational and even necessary. Back then the threat of such a model of dogmatic governance seemed distant and was taken as yet another setback in Afghanistan’s history of unfortunate events. Continue reading

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Pakistan Says Tide Has Turned in Swat; Refugees Not So Sure

By Karen DeYoung

Washington Post Staff Writer

SWABI, Pakistan, June 4 — Pakistan’s army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, declared Thursday that the tide had “decisively turned” in the military’s battle against Taliban extremists in the Swat Valley, but displaced Pakistanis in a sprawling tent city here said it was still unsafe for them to return home. Continue reading


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