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For Pakistan, or for Islam?

For Pakistan to haul itself out of crisis, the ultimate goal must be for its people to put their nationality before their religion

 Rakesh Mani and Zehra Ahmed

As Pakistan wastes away in its existential crisis, a fundamental question about the nature of the country is coming to the fore: are its citizens Pakistanis who happen to be Muslims, or are they Muslims who happen to be Pakistanis? Which comes first, flag or faith?

It is not a question that many Pakistanis can readily answer. The vast majority of the country’s so-called “educated elite” seem to have no qualms about identifying themselves as Muslims first and Pakistanis second. Continue reading



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Challenges in Swat after Military Operation

By Ibrahim Khalil

The Defense Ministry is optimistic that Military will finish Swat operation in a few days. Let us hope and pray that it ends as predicted. However, contrary to what many people believe, end of military operation will not mark the end of the problem. If the reportedly successful Bajaur operation has taught us anything, it is that a new set of challenges will be waiting for us once the military declares the area fit for repatriation of IDPs.  The government needs to have a plan in place to tackle these challenges otherwise any gains that army has achieved in its war with extremists will be lost in the battle for hearts of IDPs. Continue reading


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