Nawaz Sharif Wins Again

Bilal Qureshi

Well, here is what everyone expected. The Supreme Court has overturned the case against Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif and now, these two brothers are eligible to run for any office.

 Apparently, justice has been done!

 But, why was Nawaz Sharif, who had the opportunity to be Prime Minister not once, but twice, Chief Minister of Punjab for a long time, and before all this, Punjab’s finance minister,  was banned in the first place?

 The fact is Nawaz Sharif has a history of abusing power and authority. He has repeatedly clashed with those who were tasked by the constitution to carry out certain duties in Pakistan. In fact, Nawaz Sharif even attacked the very man, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who pumped a brand new political life in Nawaz Sharif.

 ow that Nawaz Sharif has helped free the judiciary (never mind the two long years of struggle by the lawyers) and has also secured his triumphant return to the National Assembly, it should be obvious that Pakistan’s problems are going to just vanish in an instant.  Let us hope that Nawaz Sharif will do something magical to help Pakistan become a global super power almost at par with the United States because apparently, he is the only leader who has the answer, not an answer, but the answer for everything that is wrong in Pakistan.

 Too bad, majority of the people in Pakistan don’t realize the supremely crafted propaganda campaign about the saint like qualities and super hero like powers of Nawaz Sharif carefully being mixed with the news to inflate Nawaz Sharif’s image. Even though, Nawaz Sharif’s questionable past is an indicator about his future actions, people in this country are still ready to be fooled, only to complain bitterly about the politicians once the euphoria has evaporated.  

 As Pakistan’s history suggests, it is very simple, or perhaps easy for anyone to fool the people of Pakistan as majority of the country is engaged in a gigantic struggle to survive on a day to say basis. No one dares to ask, especially those who have access to Nawaz Sharif, to explain his past, and more importantly, how is going to move forward. Given Pakistan’s unique and very complex circumstances, people of Pakistan have the right to know what Nawaz Sharif would do in the future if he is given the opportunity to run the country, because Nawaz Sharif’s past two stints have been just awful. More importantly, what would Nawaz Sharif do differently from the current government?

 It is not enough to simply ask for a change, and it is not fair to only criticize the government. Criticism without concrete suggestions is just ridiculous. 

 So, now it is Nawaz Sharif’s responsibility to explain, not only is past, but also his future plans. Otherwise, the country would be fooled, yet again, by a political salesman and his ally – the all powerful Urdu press and electronic media.

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  1. naeem janjua

    i think nawaz sharif should answer this question.thanks to the media.