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Frank Huzur has sent this exclusive piece for Pak Tea House from New Delhi.

I’m youth, I’m joy, I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg. These words of legendary Scottish Novelist James Matthews Barrie were ringing in the ear of Indian pollsters and Pundits with resonant frequency by the early afternoon of 16 May. The verdict over 15th Lok Sabha elections was trickling in thick and fast. Citadel after citadel, bastion after bastion of fanciful imagination was dying instant death in the shooting Mercury. Many myths were raveling fast, and one of the greatest myth was unraveling of The Rahul Gandhi factor. The factor fast spread into a phenomenon over the next 48 hours as the Congress Party, the grand old party of India, clenched its fist over its most impressive tally in the past two-and-half-decade. Rahul Gandhi, apparently, had propelled the fledgling Congress party and its pre-poll allies to striking distance of magic figure of 272. The Congress was grinning like Cheshire cat with 206 seats in the lower house of Indian Parliament, quite a feat by any conceivable standards.

Rahul GandhiRahul Gandhi was no better than Peter Pan with baby teeth to army of political astrologers in the rival camp of principal opposition party, the BJP and its constituent of NDA.

The wily fox of the Hindu nationalist party took potshots at Rahul Gandhi’s political wisdom many a times in course of over 45 days electioneering saying he was merely an exaggerated stereotype of a boastful and careless boy like the original character of Barrie of the Neverland. He can only fly, not land on his own, was the constant refrain in ivory towers of Opposition. When leading trend halted a little over 200 in the seat tally, shock, horror, cynicism and disbelief was written all over the face of vanquished, a large army of losers in the battle for hearts and minds of over 700 million Indian voters. Rahul Gandhi, 38 years old Continue reading


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Lahore bids farewell to a hero who was fighting a war for Pakistan’s survival

Daily Times reports:

 Major Abid laid to rest

 * Lahore corps commander lays floral wreath on behalf of COAS

 LAHORE: Major Abid Majeed, who was martyred while fighting the Taliban in Nazarabad area of Matta tehsil, was laid to rest at the Army Ground, Shaudha Graveyard, with full military honours. The body of Major Abid reached Lahore on Tuesday. 

His family considered his martyrdom a sacrifice for the country and the will of God. They urged the people to support the army against anti-state elements in the ongoing operation in the country’s north. He was buried with full army protocol. Lahore Corps Commander Lieutenant General Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi and other civil and military officers attended the funeral prayer. The corps commander laid a floral wreath on the grave on behalf of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Kayani. Abid was supposed to celebrate his 34th birthday on May 25. Continue reading


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Pakistan Calls on Islamic Scholars to Help Combat Extremism

By Ed Johnson

May 20 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani called on Islamic scholars to help root out extremism, as security forces waged an urban offensive against Taliban militants in the northwestern Swat Valley.

Terrorists are perverting the teachings of Islam and scholars should speak with one voice against the militants, Gilani said yesterday.

“It is time that they stand united to protect the country from all challenges,” Gilani said at a religious affairs conference in the capital, Islamabad, the state-run Associated Press of Pakistan reported.

Pakistan’s government is trying to build support in the world’s second-most populous Muslim nation for its offensive against Taliban insurgents. The militants reneged on a peace accord and last month advanced on the capital, even after the government agreed to impose Islamic law in Swat and neighboring districts. Continue reading


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Hersh denies accusing ‘Cheney squad’ of killing Benazir

WASHINGTON, May 19: American journalist Seymour Hersh has rejected news reports that quoted him as saying a ‘special death squad’ working under former US vice-president Dick Cheney killed Benazir Bhutto.

 The award-winning journalist described as “complete madness” the reports that the squad headed by Gen Stanley McChrystal — the new commander of US army in Afghanistan — had also killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafique Al Hariri and a Lebanese army chief.

 “Vice-President Cheney does not have a death squad. I have no idea who killed Mr Hariri or Ms Bhutto. I have never said that I did have such information. Continue reading

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Stop creating sensationalism about Pakistani nukes

Posted  by Raza Rumi

 We are posting this excellent piece by Peter Lee who challenges the drum-beating on Pakistani nuclear assets. There can be many opinions on whether poor countries should have guns before butter but cheap sensationalism on this sensitive issue needs to be avoided. PTH condemns Pakistan’s thrashing to sell stories and gain prominence at the expense of 180 million people.

 Out of Control!

The World Doesn’t Have a Pakistan Nukes Problem … It Has a David Albright Problem  


As AFP tells us, the Institute for Science and International Security just published a report on Pakistan’s nuclear program that seems designed to pour gasoline on the “the Pakistani nuclear program is outta control” story.

And, when you look at the story, there isn’t a whole lot of there there. Continue reading


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