“Internships are useless!” -Juniad Jamshed

By Malik

I recently came across a news report on Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Independent newspaper blog called Quack!. For those of you who don’t know, Textile Institute of Pakistan is a well ranked Karachi based institution that offers degrees in textile science, design and management. From what I had heard about this place, it had a secular environment with no endorsement of any religion, sect or ethnicity, since it always reportedly functioned under the ideals of its great chancellor, Eqbal Ahmed. Under the very ideals, an educational institution should serve the purpose of exposing its students to all forms of ideas, knowledge, facilitation towards absorption of that knowledge, and development of raw minds into useful people who can think and decide for themselves.

Ironically, it seems that today, that the  ideology of Eqbal Ahmed is being challenged to an extent where he really must be turning in his grave. Have a look at this earlier mentioned news report titled “Internships are useless!” -JJ”, and decide for yourself whether we want our future generations to be free thinking individuals capable of deciding for themselves, or robots programmed through blackmail in the name of religion?

“TIP was honoured by a visit from Junaid Jamshed, singer turned preacher, this Friday afternoon. During the 90 minute session in front of an audience packed lecture theater, he touched upon turning points of his life, faith in general, and numerous aspects of an ideal Islamic life.

Among other issues, he discussed faith based business practices, social evils in people, and triumphs of the Tableeghi Jamaat (an Islamic sect) which he represents. He also stressed upon how most of the people who call themselves Muslims have deviated from the ideal teachings of the doctrine and Prophet (pbuh), leaving behind the spiritual and worldly benefits they provide.

JJ further elaborated over how he believes that joining the mission he represents is the correct way to undo the deviations people have fallen into.

He ended his sermon by inviting all students to commit to the activities of the Tableeghi Jamaat instead of “wasting” their upcoming 3 month vacations in industry internships which he believes are “useless” and “exploitative”.

One would like to appreciate TIP and all active societies of TISF for arranging lectures of all guest speakers from diverse fields. It is always interesting to listen to views of people from a variety of fields and schools of thought. I’m sure most people must feel the same.”

The important thing to notice here is that TIP is not an institute located in some “Taliban” occupied city, it’s located in Pakistan’s premier city and investment hub Karachi. This is not the only incident where these “Reborn” muslims have tried to blackmail the youth by using the easiest tool ever “religion”, these people regularly visit educational institutes and put all kind of destructive, unrealistic and impractical ideas in the minds of youth, which results in “extremism” and “intolerance” in our society.



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7 responses to ““Internships are useless!” -Juniad Jamshed

  1. PatExpat

    What else did you expect from JJ? I am sure everybody in the audience would have known what is he going to talk about otherwise they would have walked out. And I think the last couple of lines say it all.

    It is always interesting to listen to views of people from a variety of fields and schools of thought. I’m sure most people must feel the same.

  2. Malik

    @ PatExpat

    The issue is not what i expect from jj, issue is simple, what is right and what is wrong … these “reborn” Muslims like JJ, Saeed Anwar, Inzamam Ul Haq etc are using their influence on youth by making them “enemies of reason and logic” .. they preach how much “temporary” this world is, and how much we should look forward to “Next world” … i am against such views, such dogma, such brainwashing.

    Internships are very important part of any type of education and there is no comparison between internships and preaching. I think there is no need to preach your version of religion on someone, what one should to correct himself, rectify his/her own mistakes, make him/herself a better human being and make him/herself a role model for others instead of asking people “why they are not praying?” “what they are doing for the Allah or God?” …

    End of the day, everyone gonna go in his/her own grave, so its better to concentrate on yourself instead of analyzing who is going in heaven or hell … Such “preaching” or “Recruitment” at educational institutes should be banned and condemned at every level.

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  4. Imran

    Stupidity on the name of ‘religion’ has affected almost everybody in Pakistan especially the current generation. I used to see a fewer bearded fellows but they now have multiplied manifolds. Working in an International University, I am ashamed to see every other student arriving from Pakistan with an untrimmed beard and ‘raised above ankle’ shalwars. Their pastime is to blackmail the shaved ones by knocking on their doors every other day.

    Disappointed to see Imran Khan as well who supposed to be role model for the youth, we do not know how long beard has been grown in himself.

  5. Rambler79

    Internships are useless, WOW. Tomorrow they will say education is useless. Oh hold on, they are already banning education in Swat. You know what the real suicide bombers are people like JJ, who are destroying along with themselves. Pakistanis should become more and more aware of how they are being used in the name of religion.

  6. How funny. He was given time to talk to kids interested in industry and totally abused it!

  7. Ali Z

    I am a recent graduate from Textile Institute of Pakistan and I would say that the secular ideals of Eqbal Ahmed are still intact in the conciousness of the student body. It is a personal point of view of Mr. Junaid Jamshed and I believe it is the very democratic nature and tradition of my institution that people from various backgrounds come and share their views with the students. I have had the chance to listen and interact with people like Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin , Mr. Irfan Hussain , Mr Arif Hasan and several other flag bearersof secular thought.