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Clinton announces $100 million for Swat IDPs, vows sustained US support for ally

WASHINGTON, May 19 (APP): The United States on Tuesday announced $ 100 million in humanitarian relief aid for Pakistanis displaced following insurgent violence and Islamabad’s military drive to purge the northwestern Swat valley and adjoining areas of Taliban militants. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, making the announcement at the White House, said the US stands by the people of Pakistan and the democratic government in their struggle against insurgents.

 The assistance will help meet some basic requirements of people encamped under hot weather, she said.

 The United States and Pakistan face common threat, she said. Continue reading

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U.S. Senators Write to the US President on Pakistan


May 18, 2009

The President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

 Dear Mr. President:

As you know, the humanitarian crisis in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province, which is the result of increased fighting between the Pakistan Army and militants, is reaching historic and catastrophic proportions. Over one million people have already been displaced, in what is believed to be the single largest civilian migration in the region since the 1947 Partition. Continue reading

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“Internships are useless!” -Juniad Jamshed

By Malik

I recently came across a news report on Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Independent newspaper blog called Quack!. For those of you who don’t know, Textile Institute of Pakistan is a well ranked Karachi based institution that offers degrees in textile science, design and management. From what I had heard about this place, it had a secular environment with no endorsement of any religion, sect or ethnicity, since it always reportedly functioned under the ideals of its great chancellor, Eqbal Ahmed. Under the very ideals, an educational institution should serve the purpose of exposing its students to all forms of ideas, knowledge, facilitation towards absorption of that knowledge, and development of raw minds into useful people who can think and decide for themselves. Continue reading


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