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Justice Munir’s report (1954)

Raza Rumi

AH has been kind enough to share a document MunirReport_1953 of great historical value with us. The REPORT OF THE COURT OF INQUIRY CONSTITUTED UNDER PUNJAB ACT II OF 1954 TO ENQUIRE INTO THE PUNJAB DISTURBANCES OF 1953 authored by Justice Munir is a classic study in the core dilemmas of Pakistani state and society. Notwithstanding the controversial role of J. Munir, his secular moorings are all too clear and so is his firm stance against Mullahism, bigotry and courage not to be cowed down  by those who use faith to advance their personal and political agendas. We are uploading the full report.

What is then the Islamic State of which everybody talks but nobody thinks ?
Before we seek to discover an answer to this question, we must have a clear conception
of the scope and function of the State. Continue reading


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Muslim Khan’s is Pakistan’s national trait

Abbas Zaidi

Muslim Khan, the spokesman of Pakistani Taliban, has won unprecedented notoriety for justifying beheading, flogging, and digging up and hanging the dead. He has a personal stake in propagating the kind of education Muslims of the world must have. Or must not have. He has justified the bombing of schools on many pretexts, but one stands out: Muslims must not get “English” education. By which Muslim Khan means that any school which has anything to do with the English language must be demolished. The Taliban have so far demolished hundreds of schools in the name of cleansing education of the Western-infidel influence. Pakistan’s Islamo-fascist Urdu media has always given him a lot of coverage making him a national folk hero who has stood up to the United States and her Pakistani lackeys. Continue reading


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US Rotarians visit Institutes for special children

Rotarians Lon and Helen Penna from Rotary Club of Glenville, Rotary International District 7190, New York, USA) visited Al-Kharwarzi Institute for the Physically Handicapped Children where Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison has provided braces to its students through a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant.  The US Rotarians showed special interest in the students suffering from Cerebral Palsy (C.P.).  They visited them in their classes and interacted with them.  They also visited the physiotherapy center and were impressed by the way everything was organized.  Later, they later visited Shalimar Institute for the Hearing Impaired Children.  They visited the classes and played games with the children.  They also saw their artwork and paintings which had won many prizes. They praised the children for their art work. Continue reading


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How Pakistan Failed Itself

By Aryn Baker / Islamabad

In the Himalayan resort town of Nathiagali, a party is under way. Ice clinks in tumblers and corks pop while the conversation — an amalgam of English and Urdu that is the mark of Pakistan’s élite — flows from meditation techniques to a heated debate over a U.S. politician’s warning that Pakistan is on the brink of collapse. The hostess, Rifat Haye, 54, is one of two female pilots with the national airline and is celebrating her promotion to captain. She wears jeans. Her hair is streaked with blond, and a diamond nose stud glints in the sun, as does the jeweled Allah pendant around her neck. She is frustrated with the image the world has of Pakistan, that of a failing state overrun by Muslim fanatics. Pointing first to herself, then at her guests, she says, “This is Pakistan.” Then she waves her hand over the valley beyond the deck of her summer cabin. “But that is also Pakistan.” Continue reading


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I am posting an appeal by the Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN), Raza Rumi

Dear Friends,

The RSP Network is appealing for support for the families that have fled the violence in the north of Pakistan. Our two field-based partner organisations, the Sarhad (NWFP) Rural Support Programme (SRSP) and the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) will be implementing agencies to provide food, non-food items and other facilities to the families. You can donate to RSPN at http://rspn.org/ or directly to SRSP in Peshawar at http://www.srsp.org.pk/zeenix/index.php. Please support us in our work with the displaced families. Our website will be regularly updated to give you details of the situation on the ground where our partners NRSP and SRSP are conducting field operations.
For more information: Continue reading


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