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Setting Immi Khan Right

Courtesy Enlightened Pakistan

 By Lila Thadani

The British parliament remains a lively place as it has many interesting mavericks.  Unlike them, our eccentric parliamentarians are self righteous, lack a sense of humor and are sadly very shallow.

You guessed it, they are the two Khans: Asghar and Imran.  Asghar can be forgiven for his good deed of having sired the late Omar Asghar Khan.  He, though, hasn’t been punished enough for inviting the army to overthrow Bhutto and inflicting Zia on this country, which only a mighty mango crate could push aside.  The curse of that dictator lives on in the form of the Talibs and the Fascists in Sindh’s urban areas.  The unwise Asghar ought to have stuck to his F-104s, rather than satisfying his urge for power through politics.  Thankfully age and rejection by the public have now consigned the Air Marshal to oblivion. Continue reading


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Time to come out of the closet

Majid Abdulla

If a person detonates a bomb tied to his chest in a public space, killing scores of innocent people, it is a terrible act. You can of course argue whether such an act of terror is justifiable in the circumstances in which it is committed. Let us be absolutely clear, in principle there is nothing stopping anyone from taking a defensive position on such matters. It is not uncommon to hear people argue that a disenfranchised group’s terror is a sovereign army’s war. Moreover people do after all argue that IRA, Palestinian, Sri Lankan, or Red Brigade bombings which have claimed innocent lives in the last century could be understood because of their national liberation cause. One could even claim that an historical assessment of at least some such situations shows that violence has not always been associated with adverse long-term outcomes. It all depends on the cause Continue reading


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