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Pakistan Journal of Criminology Published

Posted by Raza Rumi

A notice from the Pakistan Society of Criminology is posted below. This appears to be an interesting journal, at least a beginning has been made in this much neglected and under-researched area.

It is stated with immense pleasure that the Pakistan Journal of Criminology, (Number 1, Volume 1, April, 2009) is published. The formal launching ceremony of the journal was held on May 8, 2009 at the Continue reading


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Swatis want action, not rhetoric – Dawn

‘This is the last chance for the army to restore its image and dispel the impression that it is not playing a double game.’
PESHAWAR: Apart from the government’s rhetoric, residents of violence-plagued Swat valley want a decisive military action against the militants playing havoc with their lives for the last two years. Continue reading


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IDP crisis – reliable information source

by Mosharraf Zaidi

Often the numbers and info being bandied about it in these crisis situations is unreliable. A few friends have put together this effort http://pakistanidps.wordpress.com/

Please add information as you get it. http://pakistanidps.wordpress.com/. Remember to include your source.

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The invisible war

Moin Siddiqui

The news editorial – The invisible war – Tuesday, May 12, 2009 summarizes the issue very clearly.

It states “The TV channels show stock footage of Cobra helicopters and armour being moved on flatbed trucks and the very-capable army spokesperson gives a daily update in measured tones that tell us next to nothing of substance – and is not backed up by any battlefield reports or even still-pictures of our army in action. ” Continue reading


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