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Pushto Poetry: Things are like they were!

Aadil Shah

The poem below is breath-taking in its original content in Pushto. My love for the verses made me try and ruin them through a translation but that could be forgiven, for everything is fair in love and .. err .. I don’t wanna talk of war as it reminds me our war ravaged Pushtun belt — a sad sad story being played in our backyards.

Lets look at the rich Pushto literary tradition and we’ll find people like Rehman Baba, Khushal Khan, Ghani Khan, Amir Hamza Shinwari and many many more who stirred the hearts and souls through the magic of their words. Continue reading


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A civilized civil servant

By Sayeed Hasan Khan & Fazlur Rahman Khan

OCTOBER 1952 to April 2009 — 57 years! Our friendship with a unique man, with disarming simplicity and classic grace, who was brutally honest, a non-conformist, had a lifelong disregard for money, was generally drenched in Gothic silence and one of the most well-read persons in the country, spanned this period of time.

 That was M. Alauddin, a member of the former Civil Service of Pakistan. And recently, the good earth of hospitable Lahore received the tiny burden of death of this man of illuminating intelligence. One of us was his service colleague. The other met him regularly at the Coffee House as long as Alauddin was in the Civil Service Academy, Lahore. Continue reading

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What is the Unites States preparing in Pakistan?

Keith Jones writes at  wsws.org

 Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari will undoubtedly come under renewed pressure to allow US military forces to wage war within Pakistan when he visits Washington this week for a trilateral summit meeting with President Obama and Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai.

 For weeks, the US political and military establishment and the American media have been mounting an increasingly shrill campaign to bully Islamabad into fully complying with US diktats in what Washington has redefined as the AfPak (Afghanistan-Pakistan) war theater. Continue reading


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Once welcoming, Pakistan city fears Taliban rise

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — At the entrance to Peshawar, a young man on the side of the road offers a prayer, while on the bridge overhead three men videotape him.

They could be friends in Peshawar for the first time, perhaps from a nearby village. But that isn’t my first thought.

My first thought is, maybe he is a suicide bomber setting off on a mission. Continue reading


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Western Democracy! Right Pill at Wrong Time?

PTH does not necessarily agree with all the views of Shahid Ali, who has sent this piece for circulation

If we look upon countries trying to advance which are generally called as ‘developing countries’, specially South Asian developing countries, we will find that since inception of these countries nothing at large has been improved. Big percentage of their population lives below poverty line. Food, drinking water, health, education, housing, nothing is adequately available to common people. Continue reading


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