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Taliban admit throat slitting

It’s very important to listen to the interviews of Maulana Sufi Muhammad and Muslim Khan (Spokesman of Taliban Pakistan), because in every interview they enlighten us with their vision for Pakistan and their future plans. While doing this most of the times, they end up exposing themselves with their extremist mindset and making it harder for apologists of Taliban to defend them anymore.

The TTP spokesperson Muslim Khan says that those whose throats were slit deserved it: Continue reading



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                    By Niloufer Bhagwat

        “Afghanistan has been known over the years as the graveyard of empires” stated  General  David H. Patraeus, head of the US Central Command, in an attempt to explain away  continuous  and serious military  setbacks  to US-UK led NATO colonial  forces , emphasizing  “we cannot take that history lightly”. What is  overlooked, is that South Asia as a whole has been  the graveyard of Empires, which  collaborators of  a decaying financial empire, would  do well to remember, even as they  forge close political, military  and Intelligence alliances ,against their own people . Continue reading


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Pakistan Crisis and Social Statistics

Pakistan Crisis and Social Statistics

Sunday, April 26, 2009
By Juan Cole, President of the Global Americana Institute.
He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan

Readers have written me asking what I think of the rash of almost apocalyptic pronouncements on the security situation in Pakistan issuing from the New York Times, The Telegraph, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in recent days.

And Stephen Walt also is asking why there are such varying assessments of Pakistan’s security prospects. He suggests that one problem is the difficulty of predicting a revolutionary situation. But Pakistan just had a revolution against the military dictatorship! The polling, the behavior in the voting booth, the history of political geography, aren’t these data relevant to the issue? Why does no one instance them? Continue reading

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Islamic law ushers in reign of terror in Pakistan’s Swat valley

By Saeed Shah  | McClatchy Newspapers

MINGORA, Pakistan — Two weeks after the Pakistani government capitulated to Islamist demands and imposed Islamic law throughout the Swat valley, armed militants are patrolling the streets of the district capital and masked gunmen have taken control of outlying districts, where they’re terrorizing residents and using intimidation to close girls’ schools. Continue reading


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