Pakistani media continues to glorify Islamo-fascism

by Abbas Zaidi

On 17 April the entire electronic media brought Abdul Aziz to every household of Pakistan. He was shown coming from an inner room of the notorious Lal Mosque into the prayer hall where he led the Friday prayer as he used to do till he was arrested on terrorism charges in 2007. He was set free on the evening of 16 April which the media beamed across the country as “Breaking News”. After he came out of the jail and settled down into a jeep, he gave a brief interview in which he ominously said, “Pakistan was created in the name of Islam but due to non-implementation of the Islamic sections and law and justice a tension is spreading in religious circles”. Before leaving, Abdul Aziz eulogized the Taliban takeover of Swat and the imposition of Nizam-e-Adal (System of Justice) there. He concluded his interview by saying that the Nizam-e-Adal should be imposed in every part of Pakistan.

In the midst of thunderous applause Abdul Aziz peppered his Friday sermon with the following statements:

1. “We will continue our struggle to enforce Islamic order in the country.”

2. “God willing, our sacrifices will not go in vain and Islam will be implemented not only in Pakistan but all over the world.”

3. “What we have seen in Swat and the Tribal Areas is the result of the sacrifices at the Lal Mosque, of the students, the people who were martyred.” (He was referring to the deal struck between the government and the Taliban according to which Swat and the Tribal Areas will be governed in accordance with the brutal Wahabi version of Islam.)

Then Abdul Aziz asked his votary that in order to impose [the mutilative] Shariah in Pakistan: “Will you render sacrifices?” “Will you go to jails?” “Will you render sacrifices for religion?”

Yes, his votary shouted.

Pakistan´s electronic media broadcast the entire gory drama of Islamo-fascism live. Abdul Aziz was presented as the present day David who had emerged victorious and was telling his people that the Islamic utopia was not very far.

There are only two channels in Pakistan which show balance. But both of them are English language channels which means very few watch them given Pakistan´s literacy in English. The rest of them, dozens of them, are Urdu language channels and compete with one another in proving their Islamist credentials. There are countless talk shows on these Urdu channels where India, Israel, and the United States are regularly denounced for having ganged up to destroy Pakistan, the “citadel of Islam”. If an invited guest tries to speak the truth, he is cut short and is not invited next time. This has happened on different channels with a scholar like Dr Pervaiz Hoodbhai. As far as I know there is only one journalist who speaks the truth. His name is Nusrat Javed and he is the co-host of Bolta Pakistan on Aaj TV. At times his interlocutors have questioned his Islamic credentials. He has received a number of serious threats. So far he has stood his ground. The rest, as they say, is history: history of shame, complicity, and capitulation to the forces of darkness.


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21 responses to “Pakistani media continues to glorify Islamo-fascism

  1. Amit

    A country formed on the basis of religion is bound to face these sort of problems. There are very few people like u who’s thinking is moderate and progressive. Pakistanis involve religion in every sphere of life….even sports. Moderate people and the elites of pakistan who think they represent the voice of pakistan, are actually vastly outnumbered by less educated middle class & tribal people. The present situation of pakistan represent the thinking of its citizens.

  2. Monkey

    Most media channels seem to be lacking an editorial policy.

    Geo, for example, on the one hand supported the Lawyers’ Movement (a purely liberal one) fully and on the other it gives ridiculous airtime to Aamir Liaquat who sat by while in his show, a mullah incited people to kill Ahmadis! Exactly which side are they on???

    Aaj TV is the most balanced of them all Urdu channels. Talat Hussain is brilliant but I can bet that not a little more than half of the number of people that watch Hamid Mir watch Talat Hussain.

  3. stumblingmystic

    Is it not time to grow out of pan-Islamism — a failed and obsolete imperialistic ideology — and work on building a new era of South Asian alliance and unity? Isn’t it time we enlisted the help of neighboring South Asian countries with whom we share so much culture and history — India in particular — as allies, and put a stop to the godawful Arabization of Pakistan?

    It’s really up to Pakistanis now. They can wake up, study their own historical and cultural roots, and see that the politicization of religion is a recipe for disaster, but if they refuse to acknowledge these simple facts, I can’t say I have much hope for the future of Pakistan.

  4. buttersisonlymyname

    This is very relevant to my post on The TRASH Bin. It’s true that the media isn’t behaving as well as it should, but this has to be taken in a larger social context.

    You can read the entry here:

  5. bonobashi


    I have some bad news for you.

    Your neighbours – secular, democratic, rational elements among them – need your help as much as you might need theirs. They have irrational elements in their society as well. One reason why many Indians look so anxiously at Pakistani news is to find out what will be the next direction of complaint to be taken up by the Indian right. Every time there is an incident inside Pakistan, there is a smug chorus of I-told-you-so inside India, followed by increasing attempts to police us by the moral police.

    We need to help each other.

  6. hindu+sikh

    bonobashi, you mean we are learning from pakistan and that we are anxious on seeing pakistan news.What a big joke.Most people in india actually dont care about happens in pakistan. {EDITED}

  7. coldrain

    Us Pakistanis should learn to keep Islam to themselves and not shove our version of religion in each others’ face all the time.

    This holier than thou attitude being displayed on TV all the time is sickening.

  8. gorki

    Hindu Sikh

    I am in a weekend business retreat on a busy schedule and took only a few minutes to take a peak at the PTH. Must say that your comments left me deeply disappointed.

    You see, there are plenty of blogs dealing with India Pakistan issues where all that people do is to indulge in juvenile and mindless mudslinging.

    Such sites have no redeaming value, nothing to contribute to anything healthy discussion wise.
    These sites are visited by and posted upon by many who are not interested in anything approaching a serious debate.
    These sites are open to all such birds of a similar feather.
    You can easily visit any one of these sites and find people to indulge your personal fantacies and fetishes to you heart’s content.

    When you visit the PTH though, you have to realize that this is a different ballgame altogether. This site has a limited audience but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up in quality.
    For example people like Bonobashi, YLH, Hayyer, BC and others who take the time to post here have more understanding of issues and more eloquence of language in their little pinky finger than most every day college professors have had in their entire career.
    On a site like this, you are expected to do two things;
    a) Have something intelligent to say,
    b) be courteous and respectful to all these learned gentlemen and to put on your best behaviour.

    One can overlook your first deficiency on account of your age and inexperience; the second one is difficult to overlook.

    Your post have embarrassed your countrymen and everyone else.
    Kindly use some other blogs to post your comments in future where you will meet plenty of your own kind.


  9. hindu sikh

    dear gorki,
    1.please dont get embarrassed ON what i say. I NEITHER REPRESENT ALL HINDUS NOR ALL SIKHS, least of all ,all indians.
    2. what i said about bonobashi s articles is waht i feel , and any body with a non prejudiced eye would say.G orki ji, please stop acting like the guardian of pth.If the pth admin finds my comments unintelligent, it can simply delete them.
    3. on march 3 i was reading this site, and mr hamdani said something about the “rear orifice” of indians .Nobody got embarrassed and nobody accused him of being disrespectful. Why should YOU single me out?
    4. 3 of my cousins are in the armed forces.One of my cousins ‘ gypsy got ambushed in the uri sector AND he attained martyrdom five yrs ago . This explains my abhorrence ,howsoever crudely expressed, towards the(nikkami) pakistani army. Perhaps , civilians simply cannot understand the emotions of the family of an army officer.And whats more, even my younger bl;ood brother has the ambition to join the army and dreams of “commanding the chandimandir western command”( idiot!).Two of my maamas(mothers brothers)are officers in the navy and army.i didn join ima because i dont want to get shot in the liver by the pak-sponsored jihadis(like my cousin got)
    jai hind

  10. D_a_n

    @ Hindu+Sikh…

    1. you spewed: ‘i didn join ima because i dont want to get shot in the liver by the pak-sponsored jihadis(like my cousin got)’ …

    seems like you never had the stomach to enter service…and now when you look around you at your family and friends serving…maybe it reminds of your own ‘lack of stones’ (probably)…so you troll Pakistan blogs and forums and scream yoruself hoarse to …..compensate perhaps? Yes, thats probably it for I know the type well 🙂 all piss….no vinegar!

    Three words for your my friend:

    Dulce Bellum inexpertis…… you probably dont know what it means so look it up….sums you up well…

    2. you spewed forth again: ‘Most people in india actually dont care about happens in pakistan.’ …

    Okay…agreed…but apparently you do!! so the statement you made to make you seem ‘oh so above the natives across the border’ is actually a case of compensating (is that the right word here?) for what is obviously pathetic behaviour …

    PS: you gave a laundry list of one and all in your family who are in the Indian services……maybe you need to sit with a better breed of officers who will teach you a thing or two about how one looks at ‘the enemy’ …

  11. Gorki

    Dear Hindu Sikh,

    You are indeed right in that yours views are your own and you do not represent all Indians and you are also right in saying that I am not a guardian of the PTH; anyone can write whatever they feel like. Yet I can think of the following reasons to ask all of us but especially young Indians like you to remain courteous and civil.

    1. You mentioned that you do not want to get shot in the liver by a jihadist. I think it is a good ambition to have. However, the best way to avoid that is to understand how a jihadist mind works and then work with those who think like you, inside and outside India, to prevent the phenomena that makes jihadist in the first place.

    2. You do not represent all Indians but young people like you certainly represent the future of our land when people like me and Bonobashi have passed on.
    3. In another post I had compared your generation to the young Bhagat Singh for a reason. Each generation does a little bit to advance the nation and then passes it off to the next with a new set of goals.
    For example, in the 1770’s an American named Thomas Jefferson wrote to a friend during America’s Independence struggle as to what he saw was his generational role;
    “Our generation” he wrote, “has to study war making and diplomacy; strategy and tactics, so that the next generation can study law and politics, farming and metallurgy; so that next generation can study poetry and literature; architecture and philosophy….”

    In that sense we Indians too have generational roles.

    The generation of Bhagat Singh and Nehru fought for your and my freedom. People like Bonobashi and I belong to the generation of Man Mohan Singh who work to make India self sufficient.

    Your generation will hopefully inherit an India which will be on a road to being a prosperous nation (that you said is predicted by Goldman Sachs and others.)

    Your job and that of others like you will be to pass it off to the next generation not only a prosperous land but also a peaceful land, at peace with itself and its neighbors.

    It is for this reason that I admire youngsters like you who are bright and idealistic but want to know more about our neighbors.

    However, each one of you is also a goodwill ambassador of our country. So when you speak at a site like this, think of it as a mission; to promote your country’s values.

    You can be emphatic yet rational but put on the best behavior that you can at all times.
    Of course, you are free to disagree, passionately if you must, but without personal attacks, and with dignity and class!

    Each time you do that you give others less of an excuse to hate you and more of a reason to admire you and your values.
    When you do that you make it less likely that a jihadist wins.
    In this way you also pay back a little bit of the debt that all of us owe to the likes of Bhagat Singh.

  12. Ianus

    It seems to me that slowly the Taliban experiment engineered by Pakistan at the beginning of the 90-ies to control Afghanistan is now coming back like a boomerang to explode in the land of its authors. I remember the same slogans, the same obscurantist criminals with big-mouthed Quranic verses and promises and excuses to impose shari’ah there as I’m reading here. A sea of blood was shed there to show all the futility and inhuman counterproductive tyranny of Allah’s so called ‘laws’. A sea of blood will be shed in Pakistan to produce the same miserable and disgusting results. One can kill and destroy and die in the name of Islam as one has always done. One cannot construct and develop anything rational and worth living for in the name of this destructive death cult. But a coming chaos in Pakistan may have one positive side though. It’s better when Moslems exterminate Moslems than when they exterminate us kafirs.

  13. Ali Hillaj Dashti

    Ianus’s is the best comment I have read so far. Better brothers killing brothers than the Others!

  14. bonobashi


    The Germans killed 6 million Jews. They also lost of their citizens to the consequences of war as waged by Stalin’s Russia and Roosevelt’s US. Do we keep on and on grinding on about them? This business of the Taliban coming back to haunt us is dramatised. Do you think that there might be some percentage in thinking of Pakistan’s present reactions, their present damage control steps, their present feelings towards Taliban?

  15. bonobashi

    Sorry – thousands of their citizens, and not as written.

  16. hayyer48

    Ianus: Do you feel much better for having said all that. Should you not be posting such views on some Indian hate site rather than abusing the hospitality of PTH?
    Like talks to like. This is not one of the sites that has many views like yours.

  17. bonobashi


    Thank you, dear Sir.

  18. D_a_n

    @Bonobashi … hayyer48…

    Thanks Gents 🙂

    (do we even need to post a retort who’s moniker is I, anus… ) 🙂

  19. bonobashi


    To tell the truth, in my annoyance, I had not noticed the remarkable fact and apt name that you have pointed out. In this case, alas, this silver lining came with a cloud attached. Please allow me to explain.

    Most regrettably, I read your comment while imbibing a mid-day cup of coffee. As a self-acclaimed (also self-taught) master of technology, I must now climb the pulpit and inform you that coffee is bad for technical devices, especially when administered as droplets in a fine mist (technically an aerosol).

    Please send me your e-mail id to, as it is sadly necessary to send you a bill for the cost of one keyboard, completely destroyed under the impact of a mouthful of coffee administered in aerosol form.

  20. hindu-sikh

    gorki, i appreciate your words and all i can say i re4gret having hurt you. I WILL BE MORE CIRCUMSPECT whenever i am writing my comments in the future.

  21. hindu-sikh

    @dan, no gratuitous advice sought.
    You are definitely wrong in passing judgement on my “stones” (or balls if you will). And more wrong in talking about the character of my family members who are in the armed forces.
    I am joining medicine because i love surgery and i am not joining the army because i want to live long . simple as that. Dan, i never addressed you , you better learn to keep you “rear orifice” clamped shut..