Naseebo Lal – another victim of Pakistan’s right wing

by Farough

Taliban are imposing a moral code on society, they have banned music and murdered dancers and singers in Pashtunkhhawa and Swat, even yesterday a Pashtu singer was murdered in Peshawer, Gul Bahar Bano the famous Gazal singer has lost her sanity according to Dawn, Pakistan’s parliament recently conceded to Talibans and passed Nizam e Adal regulation which according to human rights experts is against Universal Charter of Human Rights and Basic Human Rights enshrined in constitution of Pakistan. High hopes were laid on the judiciary which has been declared “free” after restoration of the Chief Justice. The secular pressure groups were on the forefront of this understanding of judicial freedom and its effectiveness in ensuring freedoms.

Things appear to be no different than the parliament, first Maulana Aziz of Lal Masjid was released on bail by Supreme Court of Pakistan and now moral policing and censorship is being practiced. It must be kept in mind that legendary singer Noor Jahan also sung songs which can be called “vulgar” and “obscene” and whose artistic value can be questioned. Manto was also tried in courts for being “obscene”. Nizam e Adal was not declared unconstitutional by free judiciary which threats the entire legal system but Nasebo’s songs are considered far greater threat by our honorable courts.Lahore High Court Bans Nasebo Lal’s Songs to “protect” Moral Character of the Youth

Translated by the author from BBC Urdu

Lahore High Court and stopped the popular Punjabi singers Nasebo Lal and her sister Noru Lal from bringing the cassettes of 41 of their songs to market. Advocate Asif Mehmood Khan presented these 41 songs at court as evidence and requested that these songs are “obscene” and these threat the “moral character” of our youth. Advocate Asif told BBC that Mr Justice Ijaz Chaudhary acting on his request on Monday passed an order banning Naseebo’s and Noru’s songs as well as prohibiting them from bringing any new cassette in the marker till court’s final judgment

The court further summoned Attorney General of Pakistan, Chairman Censor Board, Naseebo and Noru Lal to appear before the court on 25th may. Nasebo Lal has been singing for more than a decade and is very popular in the people who admire her songs and singing. On the other hand “serious” sections of the society have frequently criticized her singing.

When Madam Noor Jaha’n was not singing due to her ailments , a film producer by the name of Saroor heard her singing some where and took her to the music director “Tafu”.who introduced her to film industry and she was an instant success.

The songs of Nasebo which are considered allegedly “obscene” are mostly written my lyricist Altaf Bajwa and are composed by Tafu. It’s rumored that Nasebo belonged to tribe of “street singers” who use “gadvi” a form of milk pot as music instrument and earn their living by singing in lower class dwellings.


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4 responses to “Naseebo Lal – another victim of Pakistan’s right wing

  1. Danial Burki

    Yet another disgusting move by our courts, yet another shameful attack on the freedom of speech. Some people’s puritanical sensibilities are now going to dictate how the rest of us live? F–k off!

    I fully support Naseebo Lal’s right to make music and perform, even if I’m not a fan.

  2. Owaiz Bukhari

    And all happened in Panjab???????????

  3. Zia Ahmad

    Freedom of speech also allows us to express our expletives in totality rather than skimming through popular four lettered words. Maybe the editors took care of it, which nonetheless goes against the grain of countering censorship.

    Nevertheless, despite issuing overstatements and supporting Naseebo Lal to continue making her brand of music, I do recall a television interview where Naseebo Lal expressed her own distaste on the content of her songs. She claimed to be blackmailed into singing the lewd songs that have tarnished her image. That she has to suffer for the greed of big fat misogynist gujjar mafia is utterly deplorable.

    The attempt to uphold “morality” in Punjab is indeed lame and surely the courts have more pressing cases to attend to.

  4. krash

    Which songs are banned?

    I saw Naseebo Lal on Nadia Khan show a few months ago where she said that she was ashamed of some vulgar songs she had to do under pressure from producers.