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Pakistan in danger of falling to Taliban

I am posting this rather sanguine piece by Joel Brinkley, a Professor at Stanford University. While the threat may be real (or exaggerated), his prescription is typical of the Western analysts whereby he urges the West/USA to safeguard (read control) the Pakistani nukes. I mean this is such a ridiculous discourse. What about the 180 million people and the havoc that any confrontation will cause. War mongers will remain savage as ever. Perhpas he should also advise his charismatic and false-hope President to pull out of Afghanistan and instead let the UN deal with the siutation. But, that cannot happen as the ‘strategic’ interests of the US will remain paramount. So what if millions die as they have in Iraq? RR

Sunday, April 26, 2009

As everyone knows, President Obama inherited a multitude of domestic and international problems. But of all the foreign dilemmas right now, none rivals Pakistan. It is in serious danger of falling to the Taliban. Continue reading


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Remembering Ojhri Camp 1988

Mass murder in Rawalpind and Islamabad

By Tariq Mehmood

First Published in Bradistan Calling

21 years ago, on the 10th April 1988 Ojhrii dump in Rawalpindi was blown up. This was a deliberate act of destruction. Hundreds upon hundreds of missiles rained down on Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Over 5000 people were killed. Many, many thousands more were injured.

I was working as a journalist for the Frontier Post and along with a colleague, Imran Munir, went into the camp, early the day after the explosion. Every now and again, a rocket or missile would take off, and land somewhere, causing yet more deaths and destruction. Continue reading

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