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Ah, the deal – more confusion

by Raza Rumi

Much has been made of this NYT article on the class inequalities in NWFP that are fuelling the Taliban movement. However, I would like to ask where in Pakistan class inequalities do NOT exist. They are everywhere. By using this argument then the Taliban takeover becomes a natural conclusion as a social revolution is required everywhere to correct the exploitative structures and provide ‘speedy justice’. Therefore, our political class has to rise to the occasion and provide the kind of leadership, delivery against their manifestos and restore the fading writ of the state.

On another forum this deal was being termed as a popular demand of Swatis and here is what I wrote for those who are interested:

With due respect to the views expressed here, please do not call this deal a ‘popular demand’ of the people. The people of Swat have nothing to do with this. If you read accounts from the field and what people like Lala Afzal are saying, non-Swatis have made this deal. Continue reading



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