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Partition of India: The Dialogue continues

 In continuation of Pak Tea House’s earlier “Partition of India: a Dialogue” we reproduce from The Hindu,  A G Noorani’s famous article “Assessing Jinnah” written in the aftermath of L K Advani’s “Jinnah is secular” scandal. This is a well written piece which praises Jinnah for his contribution to the freedom struggle but also takes him to task for his failings.  It also calls for a balanced assessment of the man, and not the hero-demon dichotomy that exists in scholarship about him in the subcontinent.  For Pakistanis, there are several lessons here which should be driven home and internalized: Continue reading


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Talking is dangerous

by Malik

The title of this article is the same as the one published in Newsweek’s September 2001 edition that got censored in Pakistan to avoid protests (and threats) against whatever little freedom of speech exists in Pakistan. (http://www.newsweek.com/id/75888/page/1) Continue reading


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Plight of Palestine

By Usman Rana


Hatred for Israel is prevalent throughout the Muslim world,and after the 22 day Gaza offensive the anti-semitic feelings are high,for alot of people believe that Israel is a strictly Jewish country.But Muslim hatred for Jews and Zionists,is a result of the unjust use of Israeli power against Palestine,something which the Gaza offensive has clearly demonstrated.President of the General Assembly, Miquel d’Escoto Brockmann, accused Israel of violating international law.According to him”it has been turned into a burning hell.” The UN’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, Professor Richard Falk, characterized the Israel offensive as containing “severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law.” Its a shame that a little condemnation came in the way of Israel.I dont see any difference between the Taleban and the Israeli officials.Only that latter is supported and protected by West.As usual Israel is has unsuccessfully tried to decieve public by claiming that it meant no harm to the general civilian public,but it had to take on the Gaza offensive for the security of Israel’s security concerns were at hand.But its not only the Gaza offensive which the humanitarians and Muslims loathe about Israel.For six decades Pete knows how many lives have been slain at the hands of Israelis. Continue reading


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Saving Pakistan

By Bilal Qureshi


Terrorists are carrying out attacks inside Pakistan with incredible ease and stunning accuracy. Taliban are seizing more and more territory everyday. The sense of security and protection in the country is long gone. Everyone in Pakistan is nervous, and nobody knows how and when, if ever, life will become stable or normal.  Not only are Pakistanis tense, but this erosion of law & order in Pakistan is also making its neighbors extremely uncomfortable. Obviously, if the current trend of violence in Pakistan continued, countries around Pakistan might join hands to protect their territory from the on-going carnage in Pakistan. Continue reading


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Struggles for reason and survival

Beena Sarwar

I am sharing two articles authored by me which were published today, both `talibanisation’ and violence against women:

`Ongoing struggle’, Special Report, The News on Sunday – The advent of the Taliban is splitting our South Asian identity and leading to the existing schizophrenia and changing dress codes… Continue reading

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