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The Shanaakht Fiasco



{I started writing this post before the [heart]Breaking News of the cancellation of the festival hit me. Despite my criticism of some of it’s flaws, I think that nurturing it would, over time, have had it evolve into something more sensible and sensitive. The closing down bodes badly for art and many other activities … but the organizers were left with no options, given the to-ing & fro-ing of the PPP and governmental commitments.}
The incident at CAP’s Shanakht Festival yesterday should convince people that all 17 crore hearts do not beat as one all the time. Oh, of course they do, sometimes. But NOT when an identity is being forced, instead of being allowed to develop. Continue reading


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The split within

by Shaheryar Azhar

Many journalists in Pakistan are out there saying how this war is not ours but America’s. Other journalists accuse America as a matter of course of following anti-Pakistan policies. Here are few snippets that show a house divided, rather badly.

Ahmad Quraishi in his article “Against Pakistan”, which appeared in The News on Oct 14, 2008 said that Pakistan has no interest in eliminating the Afghan Taliban. America is least concerned about protecting Pakistan’s back in Afghanistan. Why should Pakistan reciprocate?   Continue reading


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The President is learning?

Posted by Bilal Qureshi

April 5, 2009

Can Pakistan Be Governed?


TO ENTER the office where Asif Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan, conducts his business, you head down a long corridor toward two wax statues of exceptionally tall soldiers, each in a long, white tunic with a glittering column of buttons. On closer inspection, these turn out to be actual humans who have been trained in the arts of immobility. The office they guard, though large, is not especially opulent or stupefying by the standards of such places. President Zardari met me just inside the doorway, then seated himself facing a widescreen TV displaying an image of fish swimming in a deep blue sea. His party spokesman, Farhatullah Babar, and his presidential spokesman, Farahnaz Ispahani, sat facing him, almost as rigid as the soldiers. Zardari is famous for straying off message and saying odd things or jumbling facts and figures. He is also famous for blaming his aides when things go wrong — and things have been going wrong quite a lot lately. Zardari’s aides didn’t want him to talk to me. Now they were tensely waiting for a mishap. Continue reading


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