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Impressions after attending the Laal concert

ZI has sent this interesting account of the recent concert held in Karachi. We support the Laal and its cause and welcome their music with a message for change.  However, we also look for alternative perspectives and this post gives us some insights that often get overlooked in run of the mill reviews. Raza Rumi

Moved by the amazing videos of Umeed-e-Sahar and Musheer (that had played repeatedly on Geo during the Emergency), I was extremely excited at the opportunity to listen to LaaL play live at what Geo has christened “Azaadi Gali” – which is actually the road where their office is located. The dress code was red and many people did indeed follow it. What was unfortunate, however, was that not a lot many people turned up even though it was open to the public for free. Most of those who attended were employees of the media group itself and it seemed as if the publicity that the network had attempted had completely failed. Continue reading



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“Imran Khan does not support Talibanization, condemns flogging”: PTI sec gen

While PTI has gone out and condemned the flogging incident, it has expressed its suspicion over the “timing”.   Is it too much to ask of PTI to condemn what is wrong unequivocally without any caveat? -PTH

Swat Flogging and PTI’s Stand


Dr. Arif Alvi, Secretary General Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


There has been a lot of sadness and condemnation of the Swat flogging incident. The day on which Mr Imran Khan’s statement was issued by me there were many press reports in Frontier newspapers in which some elements of the Taliban had condemned the incident and others said that the incident happened during the time of total lawlessness and before the peace deal.




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The Timebomb Ticking in “Mini-India”

From the Wall Street Journal

Paul Beckett

Pakistan, he notes over green tea in his Lahore home, has a huge youthful population as India does: roughly 105 million out of 170 million Pakistanis are under 25 years old. It will be these people who drive Pakistan’s economy in the decades ahead. “Pakistan is a mini-India,” Mr. Shah declares.

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Pakistan’s 3/30: Tracing Munawan Attack in Lahore

What happened: Munawan police training facility is on the road to the international border between India and Paksitan and border is hardly a few kilometers away. On 30 March 2009, at 7:30 a.m. local time, nearly a dozen gunmen, some faking as police officials, attacked and took control of the training facility. The militants killed five police recruits & two trainers and injured dozens others. It took Punjab Police’s special anti-terrorist force called “Elite Force” 8 hours to recapture the school buildings. At least 3 of the militants reportedly blew themselves up while 3 others were taken into custody, one of them arrested from just outside the building when he tried to blow up an Army helicopter. Identified later as Hijratullah, he turned out to be an Afghan national from Paktika and was sent on a mission by Baitullah Mehsud’s Tehrik-e-Taliban Paksitan (TTP). Continue reading


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Veiled, Turbaned, Dangerous: Book Explores the Changed Identity of Muslims in Post 9/11 America

Kristina Lycett

Award-winning Pakistani-American author, Shaila Abdullah’s new novel “Saffron Dreams” offers readers a chance to explore the tragedy of 2001 from an uncommon viewpoint and examines Islamophobia in the aftermath. Continue reading


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Pakistanis protest at girl’s flogging – while some are in denial

This piece summarises the key perspectives on the recent release of a brutal video that has further sharpened the political divides in the country. There has been an unprecedented backlash against the atrocities committed in the name of our great religion. Raza Rumi

Girl’s flogging exposes Pakistani rift

Salman Masood (writing for The National)

ISLAMABAD // The video of a teenage girl being whipped in public by the Pakistani Taliban has riveted the country and has highlighted an ideologically strained and divided society faced with the growing threats of Talibanisation and extremism, analysts say. Continue reading

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