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The logic of Lawyers’ Movement prevails!

For all the nay-sayers who doubted the logic of a civil rights movement around the constitutional rights fo citizens,   it is now abundantly clear that it is not the “left wing” and “progressive”  PPP and  “secular” ANP – who have been busy signing accords to implement Taliban-style “Sharia” in Swat-  but the rightful and independent Chief Justice of Pakistan who has for all practical purposes rubbished all extra-constitutional accords and devices. If some in the right wing thought they could ride the constitutional tiger of the Lawyers’ Movement, they must be sorely disappointed because the logic of civil rights is anti-tyranny – be it religious or military-  and pro-people.  This New York Times article makes it plain why the restoration of the Chief Justice is the restoration of peoples’ rights against a wretched establishment, machiavellian power politicians, rogue religious fundos and the entrenched military of this country -YLH

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The newly restored chief justice of Pakistan displayed his reputation as a human rights advocate and a prod to the government on Monday, when he hauled the attorney general and other officials before the Supreme Court and rebuked them over the flogging of a 17-year-old woman in the Taliban-controlled area of Swat. Continue reading



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