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The Video that shook Pakistan

Courtesy The Daily Times

COMMENT: The video that shook Pakistan —Syed Mansoor Hussain

By establishing a bench to look into the matter and demanding production of the victim in the court, the CJ has done the right thing. The unfortunate fact though is that it is extremely unlikely that any branch of the government of Pakistan has the ability or even desire to fulfil the orders of the honourable court Continue reading


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Pakistan ‘helps US drone attacks’


This is a very interesting piece in all the hoo haa about Drone Attacks. -PTH

A Pakistani intelligence official told The Daily Telegraph that Washington had agreed to target Mehsud after months of persuasion by Islamabad’s military leadership. Pakistan will pass on intelligence about Mehsud’s movements with the aim of guiding a missile attack from an American drone. In public, Paksitan’s government opposes all strikes of this kind as an invasion of the country’s sovereignty. Behind the scenes, however, Pakistan’s government is quietly passing on targeting information to the Americans. Continue reading


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Chakwal tragedy: An agenda to destroy Pakistan’s pluralism

Yesterday’s ghastly attack at an Imambargah has again highlighted the agenda of the terror-mongers. They want to eliminate all the minorities, plurality of Pakistani population

DECLAN WALSH reporting from the Guardian in Islamabad Continue reading

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Fall of Karachi; Rise of Taliban?

We hope this is not true but there are signs that Pakistan’s most cosmopolitan and secular city is now at the brink of Talibanization. –PTH

From The News

By Kamal Siddiqi

The writer is editor reporting, The News

Earlier this week, a family friend got off from her car and walked to a chemist’s shop in a busy shopping area of Karachi. She was wearing a normal shalwar- kameez suit that most Karachi women wear in public areas.. Nothing out of the ordinary. As she walked to the shop, a man approached her and showed her a pistol. Continue reading


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Pakistani media: power sans responsibility

[TFT] A partisan media is biting the hand of democracy that feeds it, says Raza Rumi

It was hoped by many that the electronic media following its exponential growth during the last few years would take stock of its roles and responsibilities. However, the years 2007 and 2008 were not the best of times for such an introspection to materialise into a self-regulation process. Authoritarian or transitional environments are not conducive to a culture of informed debate and the evolution of sound regulatory regimes. Nevertheless, there have been scattered noises and appeals by many observers, analysts and concerned citizens even within the media community.

From the brutality of displaying dismembered limbs on television screens to creating a panic-oriented news culture and relegating the status of objective ‘anchors’ to partisan political players, the trends were and continue to be, disturbing. Against the backdrop of the events of March 2009 the role of the electronic media was far from gratifying. The self congratulatory hysteria that now pervades the various channels betrays their utter inability to look back and introspect. Continue reading


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Partition of India: A dialogue

By Chris Hayes,  Stuka,  Majumdar, BonoBashi, Gorki, Shahzad and YLH

A few days ago PTH re-posted an article from “The Liberal” which led to a fascinating exchange between a group of PTH’s regular interactors.  Unlike the usual exchange that takes place between Pakistanis and Indians on this very thorny issue,  the discussion actually led to a very positive exchange that enriched all concerned.  We are re-posting the essential arguments as a dialogue so that it may be available to a larger audience. -PTH Admin Continue reading


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