30+ Worshippers martyred in Imam Bargah in Chakwal

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

In an attack that was apparently sectarian in nature,  30+ people were killed in suicide bombing in the once peaceful Chakwal District of Punjab.  

Pakistan’s very existence is now on the brink.  Will we continue to look for scapegoats or will we now take stock of the situation.  The Frankenstein monster created by our government  to fight Soviet Union in form of Afghan Jehad and its local Sipah Sahaba variant which was created to counter the Shiite Islamic Republic in our neighborhood in 1980s has now pinned us down.

We must take stock of the situation now.  The government must come down hard and fight this war on war footing.   A constitutional state of emergency must be declared by the Elected Government under the constitutional provision i.e. Article 232 of the constitution of 1973.  This should be followed by a legal declaration of war by the state against any and all terrorists and insurgents.  The redundant and superfluous “Islamic” institutions like Council of Islamic Ideology and Federal Shariat Court should now do some good and declare all terrorists un-Islamic.  It is time for all political leaders -including the great Imran Khan- to stand up for what is right and stop making excuses for terrorists.

We should fight this war for Pakistan’s survival once and for all,  or we should bleed to death slowly but surely through the same thousand cuts that we had once intended for Soviet Union.


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2 responses to “30+ Worshippers martyred in Imam Bargah in Chakwal

  1. AK

    “surely through the same thousand cuts that we had once intended for Soviet Union.”

    Was it SU or India? I think it was against India that Zia and Hamid Gul created this monster.

  2. Burhan

    Against whom and where will this biblical war take place? Its not just about pinning down the tribal people, the evil has now spread through our veins till the very far-stretched corners of the country. We are now out of ideas and resources to overcome them.
    The only question is, where and when the next attack will be? because simply, we are incapable of stopping them.