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A poem by HUR

A noose

let loose

before dawn.


in vain

leaps to the finish.


rises with


A neck

hangs long

on our tomorrow.



legend occupies.

Death O’ Death


the killer.


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Blast in Islamabad

A terrible blast has occured on Margalla Road.    BBC has reported the following:

Pakistani security personnel in Islamabad evacuate a wounded colleague by stretcher after the blast on 4 April

Police evacuated an injured colleague by stretcher

Several people have been killed by an explosion at a security post in the heart of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

Gunshots were heard after what officials described as a suicide bomb attack which killed at least six paramilitary police. Continue reading

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The Revenge of Geography

By Robert D. Kaplan
May/June 2009
People and ideas influence events, but geography largely determines them, now more than ever. To understand the coming struggles, it’s time to dust off the Victorian thinkers who knew the physical world best. A journalist who has covered the ends of the Earth offers a guide to the relief map—and a primer on the next phase of conflict.

When rapturous Germans tore down the Berlin Wall 20 years ago it symbolized far more than the overcoming of an arbitrary boundary. It began an intellectual cycle that saw all divisions, geographic and otherwise, as surmountable; that referred to “realism” and “pragmatism” only as pejoratives; and that invoked the humanism of Isaiah Berlin or the appeasement of Hitler at Munich to launch one international intervention after the next. In this way, the armed liberalism and the democracy-promoting neo-conservatism of the 1990s shared the same universalist aspirations. But alas, when a fear of Munich leads to overreach the result is Vietnam—or in the current case, Iraq. Continue reading

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Pakistan must be a secular state or it will perish

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

The events as they have unfolded in Swat over the past few months have once again underscored the need for Pakistan to be a constitutionally secular state. 

Instead of getting into the debate as to whether Pakistan was meant to be a secular state (which I believe it was but that is not the point here) or a modern Islamic state (whatever that means),   let us be very clear- it was NOT meant to be a state where rogue raggle taggle groups like the Taliban would challenge the writ of the state and then establish its own system of “justice”  based on a misinterpretation of Islam.    Islam is not the problem here.   I tend to agree with the interpretation of Islam that is favored by Allama Ghamidi  but the question that comes up is “which Islam?”  Ghamidi’s? Or Israr Ahmad’s?  Rahman Baba’s ? or the Taliban’s?   Iqbal’s? or Maududi’s? Continue reading


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World Bank ranks Pakistan first in corporate governance


World Bank Report “Getting Finance in South Asia 2009” has ranked Pakistan first in the areas of corporate governance, performance and efficiency.

In the area of access to finance, Sri Lanka ranks first in South Asia, on capital market development and market concentration and competitiveness in the banking sector first slot is grabbed by India.
According to the detailed report on Pakistan the bond market is developing at a lesser pace. The
domestic bond outstanding was 25.16 percent of the GDP, equivalent to $32.41 billion. This consists of mainly government bonds, as the corporate market is yet to develop. The areas on which Pakistan needs to focus are access to finance capital market development, and market concentration. Continue reading

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Ancient Balochistan – Unfolding the Past

Lecture on “Ancient Balochistan – Unfolding the Past” on Monday, April 6, at 6:00 pm The Goethe-Institut Pakistan and the Director of the joint German-Pakistani Archaeological Mission to Kalat, Dr. Ute Franke, invite you for a lecture on “Ancient Balochistan – Unfolding the Past” on Monday, April 6, 2009 at 6:00 pm in the Goethe-Institut’s auditorium!All interested people are cordially invited!
Lecture on “Ancient Balochistan – Unfolding the Past” on April 6, at 6:00 pm Continue reading

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