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Peace Rallies in Lahore and Karachi on Saturday

Raza Rumi (in Lahore)

Today it is Chaand Bibi – the unfortunate victim in Swat and tomorrow it could be civilisation itself or whatever remains of it in the rest of the country.

The citizens of Lahore and the numerous groups will get together tomorrow to protest on the Mall Road. Concerned citizens in Karachi are also protesting at the Karachi Press Club. Continue reading


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Jiye Bhutto

zabhutto_4By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Thirty years this hour Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was murdered through a farce judicial process, which is to this date not quoted as a precedent in any court of Pakistani law.  It was -as Benazir Bhutto put it- not a trial for murder but murder of a trial.  All norms and nuances of Pakistan’s Anglo-Saxon legal system were set aside to carry out the murder of one of our greatest and most influential- though flawed-politicians. Continue reading


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Afghan Law is about Power not Culture

Mona Eltahawy

I thought I was used to seeing politicians bargain with each other.  A few concessions here and there to influential voting blocs are part of the elections game.

But Afghan President Hamid Karzai — the “liberal” darling of the international community — surely wins that game by throwing women’s rights like bargaining chips at the feet of religious conservatives he’s courting for Afghanistan’s August presidential election. Continue reading


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Surprising Success at the G20

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The conclusion of the G20 seems, at first blush, to provide a great deal of positive news for developing countries. The official Communique begins with the recognition that Continue reading

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Zia’s revenge

By Irfan Husain (DAWN)

ON my all-too-brief visit back to Pakistan, I have been flipping local channels to catch up on events. I have found new ones to watch, although not necessarily for any length of time, given the generally low quality of the fare on offer.

The other evening, I caught a panel discussion featuring a gentleman who used to be in the foreign service, together with a couple of other talking heads. The discussion was about last November’s lethal terrorist attacks in Mumbai. When I switched on my TV, the gentleman was confidently asserting that the knowledge of downtown Mumbai the terrorists seemed to possess made it clear that they could not have been Pakistanis. From this shaky theory, he leaped to the conclusion that they must have been Indians who had been trained in their country, and then brought to Pakistan before being put on a boat that took them to Mumbai. Continue reading


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Chicago, Shahidul and ‘Three Cups of Tea’


Beena Sarwar

I love how connections sometimes just ‘happen’, criss-crossing the world, spanning generations, borders and continents. This particular stream traverses Pakistan’s early progressive struggle to Chicago, an inspiring book by an American who recently received Pakistan’s highest civilian honour, and a Bangladeshi photographer who came to Pakistan to document that moment. Continue reading

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Terrorism: signs of a political consensus in Pakistan?

by  Ali Arqam

PML(N) Leader Mian Nawaz Sharif has recently been highlighted by the American Press for his popularity in the Country. Aitzaz Ahsan has urged that America should join hands with him.He said. “If you befriend him, you can get him to move mountains.” Nawaz Sharif denied in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday that he has had links with religious hardliners.Although members of the PML-N sometimes characterize the war on terror as America’s war and not Pakistan’s, Nawaz distanced himself from this view.We hope at least now when major political issues were resolved with the new Reconciliation strategy,two largest parties of the country will be focused against the most important threat we are facing as a nation. Nawaz Sharif clear stance at this time has the realization of the current situations as extremist elements have intensified their attacks towards Punjab. Along with it various reports are drawing attention towards the alarming influence of the sectarian elements in Southern Punjab. These elements are close allies of the Jihadi elements.The political leadership will come to a consensus towards that issue,the recent Interview has clear indication towards that.

Pakistan’s Sharif gives Obama plan cautious welcome Continue reading


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