Rethinking Karzai in Kabul

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All is not well in Kabul these days.   US Government has become increasingly disenchanted with the way Mr. Karzai has run his affairs in Kabul.  Now if the corruption charges were not enough,   he is alleged to have backed an effort to legalize marital rape under some false religious pretext.   One still remembers when Mr. Karzai was touted as the president of Afghanistan.  He was presented as the “George Washington” of Afghanistan- a chivalrous figure on a horse out riding on the crestwave of American military might to deliver democracy to Afghanistan. It has been almost eight years since he has remained in power achieving pathetically little and all he has given people are excuses.  Afghanistan is run by war lords who now call themselves governors.

President Karzai, surrounded by American body guards, can’t wander out too far from the capital city.   The Chief Justice is said to be a reactionary Mullah – said to be from the ilk of the Taliban.  Constitution ? What constitution?  And recently there was a  ban placed on Indian music- how ironic because India is one of the major backers of Karzai’s tottering regime.   Whatever US achieved in its triumphant entrance in Kabul 8 years ago has been squandered at the altar of Iraq and Mr. Karzai.  It is time NATO and the US rethink their support for Mr. Karzai.   This news story is from “Daily Mail” :

As bad as the Taleban? Afghan President backs law which ‘legalises rape within marriage’Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has been accused of trying to win election votes by backing a law which the UN says legalises rape within marriage.

The final document has not been published but it is believed to state that wives cannot refuse to have sex with their husbands.

The Independent reports it also forbids wives from stepping outside their homes without their husbands’ permission.

It is thought to have been rushed through parliament in a bid to appease Islamic fundamentalists ahead of the August elections.

According to the United Nations Development Fund for Women (Unifem), the law also grants custody of children to fathers and grandfathers only and approves child marriage.

Shinkai Karokhail, a female member of the Afghan parliament who campaigned against the legislation said: ‘It is one of the worst bills passed by the parliament this century.

‘It is totally against women’s rights. This law makes women more vulnerable.

‘It’s about votes. Karzai is in a hurry to appease the Shia because the elections are on the way.’

Article 132 of the law states that women must obey their husband’s sexual demands and that a man can expect to have sex with his wife at least ‘once every four nights’ when traveling, unless they are ill.

According to Unifem: ‘Article 132 legalises the rape of a wife by her husband.’

Ustad Mohammad Akbari, an MP and the leader of the Hazara party claimed the law actually protected women’s rights.

He said: ‘Men and women have equal rights under Islam but there are differences in the way men and women are created. ‘Men are stronger and women are a little bit weaker, even in the West you do not see women working as firefighters.’
Karzai’s spokesman declined to comment on the new law.


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2 responses to “Rethinking Karzai in Kabul

  1. Monkey

    This makes me sick.

  2. PMA

    Karzai is a total failure. He was handpicked and propped up as ‘president’ by the CIA. During the Soviet era he along with his family used to reside in Quetta under the protection of Pakistan government. Later on due to his cooperation with the invading US forces his father was assassinated in Quetta by the Taliban on the run from Kabul. Now he is nothing more than a caricature–a stooge and a puppet in the hands of US and Indian intelligence agencies. It is time for him to go.