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The explosive trinity: Pakistan, Afghanistan and India

The cat, once again,  is out of the bag. The Indian role in Afghanistan from a regional perspective has to be carefully negotiated and monitored since Pakistan and China will have concerns about the extension of Indian influence in the war-tattered but strategically placed Afghanistan. In fact, many observers in Pakistan hold that some of the current instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan can be traced to the overt (and covert) efforts of the Indian establishment to spread its tentacles in Afghanistan. In particular, Pakistan’s strategy in Afghanistan has less to do with NATO and more to do with containing its traditional foe and a patron of northern alliance in Afghanistan. Given the historical baggage and Pakistan’s strategic obsession with India, the Indian factor ought be discussed and settled in a manner that would not cause Indo-Pak rivalries to overshadow the indigenous conflicts in Afghanistan. Regional peace requires that regional solutions to such delicate imperatives are determined. Is NATO listening? Raza Rumi

New Delhi seeks to bolster Afghan role
By James Lamont in New Delhi (Financial Times, March 24)

India has claimed that it is being prevented from playing a full part in the international effort to stabilise Afghanistan because of fears that greater involvement might inflame Pakistan, its nuclear armed neighbour. Continue reading


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