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A Bangladeshi view – Lahore resolution: The misread political agenda

Posted by Raza Rumi
This piece by M.T. Hussain makes an interesting read. He cites the Lahore Resolution as the ‘proud heritage of Pakistan and Bangladesh” though the logic of the full argument is circular at best. PTH

Nearly seven decades ago, a history was made in then British Indian empire. The All India Muslim League made it. The venue was the historic city of Lahore. On the day, 23rd March 1940, the League had a grand convention of representatives, delegates and enthusiasts assembled there to chart out the future of the Muslims of India along with the future independence of India from the British colonial rule then nearly 177 years running. The main heroes of the convention happened to be Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the President of the League who presided over the session followed by A.K Fazlul Haq being the fortunate one to present in the convention the historic resolution that made another history in the making that not only for Pakistan but also for Bangladesh had their genesis of foundation. Continue reading


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