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Picking up the Flag: Mumtaz Shahnawaz, Sherry Rahman and Tahira Abdullah

Source: Dawn

Source: Dawn


By Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

The Pakistani lawyers’ movement is on a collision course with the establishment. The country, entirely without stratification resonates its restlessness with this movement, and soon either the judiciary will get some semblance of fairness or a lot of blood will be spilled in the streets before this happens.

In the maze of political hustle bustle the quintessential Pakistani woman, if there is such a concept, needs to be defined more now than ever. She needs to be dug out from the depths of History and named from the roster of current politicians and their womenfolk who join them side by side; the lot of them needs to be beaten awake, like cotton plumped blankets hung over charpoys in preparation for winters. Continue reading


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