The Many Faces of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that lives in many different eras simultaneously.  Since we at PTH have been inundated with requests to showcase how various sections of Pakistani society live their lives and because there are many other sites who have showcased Pakistan’s various classes (as Arundhati would say nothing sells like poverty does),  we reproduce here some images from Daily Times’ Sunday Magazine.   We believe this image most strongly contrasts the Taliban and Swat related issues and shows the changing trends of women’s wear (and roles) from the traditional bride to the modern party girl in Pakistan.  Is Pakistan a society on collision with itself? For rest of the images visit the website.



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27 responses to “The Many Faces of Pakistan

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  2. Male Chauvinism….with varying shapes

  3. Monkey

    LOL YLH!!

    Although, I ask you, which ordinary woman/girl in Pakistan wears what Natasha is wearing? IMHO, this photo is not a real depiction of the women in Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad (which is perhaps where women are most “liberated”).

  4. YLH


    Actually if anything this is much more conservative than what is worn on parties I have had the good fortune of attending.

    Try flipping through GT magazine where people send their party pictures.

  5. simply61

    “If you would like PTH to post pics o***** that might not be possible.”

    YLH you are never short of a ‘bullet’ response are you? 🙂 This one gets a huge Thumbs Up from my side….an absolute scream.

  6. Aliarqam

    @Sorry YLH
    I dont know the pic depend your choices for you loved ones

  7. Aliarqam

    @Sorry YLH
    I dont know the pic depict your choices for you loved ones

  8. YLH

    So you are saying there is something wrong with wearing these clothes Ali Arqam?

  9. …out of sheer curiosity, how many of us commenting on this post happen to be women?

  10. Monkey

    GT is not a magazine, it is a photo album :p

    But yeah, you’re actually right…I just had flashes from one that I attended about 6 months back. Lahori winters and these clothes *shock*

  11. Monkey

    I, Me, My,

    Me. :p

  12. ylh you are so clearly NOT a feminist, and if i hadn’t given up on you already, i would write in detail of the idiocy of your response to aliarqam’s remark on male chauvinism.

    and i have a suspicion this was your post. i’m assuming it is, because i observed it before in a comment of yours, in the post on sri lankan team attacks, when you referred to ‘Arundhati’ and ‘Hoodbhoy’. you keep referring to Arundhati Roy as ‘Arundhati’. i suppose you’re one of those who say ‘Hillary’ instead of Hillary Clinton, reducing her to her first name while Barrack Obama is Obama.

  13. YLH


    Do I give two hoots what{EDITED} you thinks of me buddy?

    Keep trying to split hairs alright.

  14. YLH


    Imagine Islamabad winters…which are much more severe than Lahore…and these clothes.

    I salute our brave women who brave the chill to make the world a prettier place ;p

  15. Milind Kher


    The pics are beautiful. If Honey Waqar is wanting to send this kind of fashion to India, the Indo Pak fusion might be really something.

  16. lal

    milind wat s beautyful,the dress or the people hu wear 🙂

  17. lal

    and ylh,i was afraid that after heeding simply’ s advice u vl become a pacifist….thank god 🙂

  18. Qandeel

    I find it pathetic when Pakistani designers try to emulate Western styles; they don´t have the balls, the freedom, nor the talent to go all the way with it, so why the half-assed attempts?

    Idiots. Is there any originality left in Pakistan?

  19. Milind Kher

    Both, lal, both !!

  20. I feel that Pak Tea House is becoming more and more dismissive and scornful of those people who hold differing opinions. I have been a silent reader, because i don’t like arguments, and especially now that PTH is becoming a blog where people who offer conflicting views are simply dissed by offense, it gives all the more reason for people like me to keep silent. Where are the people who treat criticism with respect, who tolerate difference of opinion? I am sorry to say but PTH is becoming increasingly intolerant of criticism. I am not mentioning any specifics because i don’t want to make it personal — another thing which PTH is becoming adept at. Only a person who knows how to respect others can expect any respect from them.

  21. yasserlatifhamdani

    Pray tell how “PTH” is involved here? Look dude… I have the right to hold people in contempt but I – writing under YLH or Yasser Latif Hamdani- don’t represent the views of PTH. PTH Admin and Raza Rumi alone represent the views of PTH.

    The PTH’s tolerance of criticism may be judged from the fact that your post has not been censored.

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  23. YLH

    Ali mian
    If you would like PTH to post pics of underage boys from Bannu, that might not be possible…

    For these Comments I complained

    YLH respond to my complain
    Raza, I am launching a counter complain against Ali arqam mian about everytime he has abused me and called me a “POLITICAL ORPHAN”.

    These people think they can come here and abuse people but if someone gives a taste of their own medicine, they start whining…

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  25. Aisha Sarwari

    Natty’s legs got men crying out loud for the loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Who wants to control who?

  26. maryum

    i think this is not new and i really dont like your title “many faces of pakistan” what you want to describe here in all?? you will find same problem in many countries those are facing pakistan these days like in india daily many peoples die in bomb blast, firing, kidnapping same with srilanka, bangledesh, iraq, Afghanistan. so all things runs fashion, film, drama, high fashion (like you mentioned natty). we can never stop dear…..please try to give some positive picture on your blog for these type of news we daily listen on television/newspapers

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