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Maligned Musharraf’s address remembered

We at PTH are not fans of General Musharraf or any military dictator.  However, there was a time when a lot of well meaning people – including key sections of the civil society, select stalwarts of the lawyers’ movement, to name a few – had put their faith in General Musharraf to turn back the clock on extremism and fanaticism in Pakistan.  At that time General Musharraf appeared to many as a leader cut from a different cloth than the previous military dictators.   It was thought that here was a man who was going to finally take Pakistan in the direction of a modern state. He promised Jinnah’s Pakistan i.e.  a secular state built upon an inclusive and tolerant albeit Muslim society working towards the benefit of the people. On June 5, 2001,  Musharraf addressed a the largest conference of the holiest of holy in Pakistan, the Ulema (religious leaders) and Mashaikh at a religious conference which bears repetition for being important words spoken- at least by any military dictator- even if they came from someone who later negated everything he said.  We quote here excerpts from his address which makes us wonder how a man of such courage could have gone so terribly wrong. Continue reading


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