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Pakistan: from bleak to bleaker?

Adnann, a regular visitor to Pak Tea House has contributed this post on the current situation. Today was a sad day and indeed has made us all worried – the enormity of the challenge posed by terrorism, the political squabbles and the powerlessness of the citizenry..(Raza Rumi – ed)

Pakistan escaped one of the biggest embarrassments when gunmen failed to kill the whole Sri Lankan cricket squad in a daring broad daylight operation.
Eight of the brave policemen laid their lives in saving the guests. If it were not for their actions, we may have stared at a screaming headline like “Sri-Lankan cricket team slaughtered”, or “Terrorists wipe out the visiting cricket team; darkest day in sports history”.
The whole operation seemed to be carefully planned. The use of rocket launchers and grenades suggest that this was not simply a scare tactic; the primary objective was a mass slaughter, and send a special message to rest of the world: “Pakistan is failing, it is unstable and highly dangerous for your health. Stay away”.
And likely, we will see more of these attacks in coming months. As the country remains politically paralyzed due to its innate ability to formant political crisis, the “terrorists” seem to be acting towards removing any signs of peace and social stability in Pakistan. Continue reading


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