What Does Pakistan Mean

Posted by Raza Rumi

What Does Pakistan Mean is a fabulous poem by Habib Jalib. Here is a translation that testifies to the relevance of this poem decades after it was written.

Bread, clothes and medicine
A little house to live in
Free education, as may right be seen
A Muslim, I, too, have always been
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God, but God, The Rab-al-alameen

For American alms do not bray
Do not, the people, laugh away
With the democratic struggle do not play
Hold on to freedom, do not cave in
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God…

Confiscate the fields from the landowners
Take away the mills from the robbers
Redeem the country from its dark hours
Off with the lordly vermin
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God…

Sind, Baluchistan and Frontier
These three are to Panjab most dear
And Bengal lends them splendour
Anguished should not be their mien
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God…

This, then, is the basic thing
For the people, let freedom’s bell ring
From the rope, let the plunderer swing
Truly they speak, who the truth have seen
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God, but Allah…



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4 responses to “What Does Pakistan Mean

  1. A brilliant peace. And still relevant.

  2. Vijay Goel

    My dear Raza Rumi Sahib,
    We have ben publishing a magzine “Nation and the World” devoted to the minority community in India and has a secular bias.The magzine is edited by Shri Syed Hamid ex Vice Chancellor of AMU and currently Chancellor of Hamdard University.Its web site will be officially launched from 1st.of March but can be accessed from today.We would request you to give a link to its site “www.nation and the world.com” in your esteemed blog.I am sure some readers will find the magazine interesting.



  3. great Rumi sahib

    reads like socialist manifesto of Pakistan.
    back in1988 when we were “socialist PPP”, I used sing Habib Jalib’s “Khatra hai zardaroo ko America kay Yaroo Ko, Khatray main ISLAM NAHI” in elections rallies
    THE WEALTHY AND THE AMERICAN friends are feeling the dangers, islam is not in danger.

    In 20 years since, american became enemies of islam and friends of zardaries, no socialist or PPP remains safe, what a twist of fate.

  4. Vijay
    Many thanks. we will add the link. can you please send the correct web-link?