News Media Vs Angry Young Londonistanis

By Bradistan

Sometimes truth and compromise cannot be accommodated within a single sentence no matter how hard one tries. In US there is a syndrome known as celebrity journalism (courtesy Ann coulter and Thomas L friedman ), Journalistic showbiz personalities always looking for media spot for right or wrong reasons, this problem is slowly but surely creeping into UK.

In celebrity journalist clan top priority is the pay cheques and bank balances, but this makes the truth and the professional integrity a lesser priority. People like “world is flat” (china India slave sweat shop theory) bandwagon, knowledge gurus (Mr. Copra selling spirituality in a disposable bottle), champions of selling successful business model of WTO free market neo liberalism to people of Africa and India.  This model of free market  capitalism led  to sub prime consumerism into an end product which is hegemonic imperialism.
These wizards selling their magic potions fly their executive jets,  globe trotting del boys ,on lecture tours charging millions, are what Robert fisk correctly describes as “ parasites of American power structure” dependent on official policy wizards  for next inspired leak or half balked neo-con  think tanks for theories on globalization , while salivating for multinational corporations gifts and bribes.

Ground realities are not what Thomas Freidman wants us to believe about outsourcing heavens like India and china which have started to slow down . Project American century and American enterprise institute are doomed much like the defunct  Iraq policy.

The following journalist  are not like the American Cow boys ; I get my inspirations and hope from these rebels from londonistan (via beruit R.Fisk). But what separates(sorts) these men from the Del boys  belonging to Sun (“does not shine” )and Fox and Fly TV and Messers  “express racists”?

The Hall of Fame of Cutting edge Rebellion against Imperialism.

1. Tariq Ali

Intellectual, writer and activist ( a statesman  without a state) from his “street fighting years” needless to write anything about Tariq as he is not only a philosopher and a thinker and but also a  household name for the poor of Africa Asia and Latin America (lahore to bolivia via jo-berg)

2. Robert Fisk

( Ex-Londistani because he is living in beruit to cover Al-islamoon, bakeri mohammed and Hasan Nasrullah)
when asked what motivates him to write and expose the lies and deceit of born again religious elite (evangelicals) disguised as republican GOP and new labour he said the search for truth, no matter who utters it.
Unlike the news briefs of official policies sanitized through the filters of discriminatory standards based on race, religion and corporate evangelism “Jesus Loves Big Mac and Halliburton”.

3. Abdul Bari Atwan:

He was the outspoken critic of Bush-Blair Administrations and its policy boss American Israeli public Affairs Committee (remember Ehud barack Obama); Angry yet sophisticated British Palestinian editor who experienced Zionist atrocities first hand in refugee camps as a teenager.
His sense of truth and freedom of speech comes from injustices done to his people and denial of the right of independent state and self determination for Palestinian by British, USA and its parasitic satellite state of Israel, yet he is not bitter or paranoid his British identity because UK gave him what he calls home, freedom of speech, safety and security. It is the Israeli government who is running scared because he is exposing their blatant lies, they refuse to appear on the same TV show because they cannot win the argument and debate.

4. Hanif Kureishi:

HK is Not a journalist  but a playwright and intellectual, now he calls himself a “grumpy old man”. he is never far from controversy ,always paddling fresh and futuristic ideas in his writings and has strong feel of the pulse of the times we live in. He is completely at ease with his Pakistani heritage and his British identity. Racism, social taboos and multi layered internal and external conflicts are the  power of his pen, as they say pen is mightier than sword. His works like“My Beautiful Launderette” and “My Son is a Fanatic” are the social indicator of British culture and society .  Famous Quote “we should never think that a thing like racism ever ends, it simply moves to another place or another group of people”.  Very true Hanif, the foreign policy just shifts from one set of circumstances to another, it finds new victims from Uzbekistan and Pakistan, Iraq to Iran. We need to deal with frankentein’s monster (Bush and Dr Cheney legacy), not just lock it up in cupboards.

The angry young men

1. Aki Nawaz Qureshi

another inspiration for my writing is this innovative musician and activist fighting racism, Islamo-phobia and injustice head on through his “Rhythm and beats”. although his documentaries and DIY cook book music genre are termed irreverence bordering treason against queen and country and glorifying terrorism among the Pakistani and Muslim youth of Britain, But it is merely exposing the truth about the sentiments of equality, discrimination ,integration and assimilation.

For Muslim youth the British society sometimes seems highly stratified and categorized pigeon holes and an invisible glass ceiling. The establishment expects some strait jacketed role models in the next generation of “perpetual” mill workers and taxi drivers. Next stop from pudsey round about call centre is Suicide bomber beeston.
It is not possible, NO SIR NO MADAM, Absolutely not.


2. Mohammed Hanif:

The visionary head of the last bastion of “liberal and left wing” journalists from pakistan (BBC URDU Service) within a highly bureaucratic and increasing irrelevant (Gaza Charity Appeal) BBC Bush House. Hanif blew my( mental molotov )fuse off with the anarchic,passionate,fast paced(highly accurate portrayal of censored history of Pakistan) political murder thriller which should have been the “official journal of war on terror” past and present “a Case of exploding mangoes”. no offence to michael portello’s judging committee for man booker prize 2008  but Hanif beats aravind adiga(soft touch outsourcing muder mystery from UP Bihar) hands down.


Me, myself and the Conversations with rebels

Struggling Pakistani blogger/ journalist wannabe writer what motivates me to write ? Answer all these LONDONISTANIS , These guys write the truth ,no matter what the cost, my pride is my father trade unionist factory worker dreaming and fighting for the dawn and day of social justice, equality and opportunities for all on our planet ,not just EU and fortress America.

Words of Robert Fisk

I can hold my head high with pride when Robert fisk Talks about Pakistani journalism being one of the best in the world and I Quote Robert fisk “its an odd thing to say, but I find the Pakistani press very interesting. I was in Pakistan before I went to Afghanistan in 2001; I remember thinking I was actually learning a lot more from reading Pakistani newspapers than from The New York Times, Indian papers too, only India has this long history of democracy, whereas Pakistan has a long history of military dictatorship. What I am surprised at is that it’s not that Pakistani papers are so good, but that western newspapers are so bad. Why is it that in Australia and new Zealand there is hardly a paper worth reading? Or in America.
I think the problem is …..the mentality: why bother to upset people by writing this? Journalism becomes a job like working in a bank or supermarket. I find that more and more young journalists…are more and more frustrated that they are made to wear the straitjacket all the time. Paper editors would say –don’t you think you should change these words?”

Bradistan Calling is a Pakistani Blog from UK



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7 responses to “News Media Vs Angry Young Londonistanis

  1. Majumdar

    I dont know what the author is trying to convey. And the editing is atrocious.


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  3. I couldn’t agree more Majumdar, a man who uses small letters after full stops should not claim to be a writer, at least not of English language.

    I guess the writer is just enamoured with the term Londonistani and wanted to use it as often as he could.

    I thought pakteahouse was a lot more discerning that this.

  4. with utmost respect I am sure Tazeen and Mjumdar has heard of a thing called “Proofing” ,guilty as charged ,Point noted please Move on.
    PTH is a forum of ideas not a editing class, chill out and take less offense of things.

    “Londonistani” is a term in Political Analysis lexicon. I think on PTH we debate ideas not Personalities.
    Thanks for pointing out mistakes in article.

  5. azhar aslam

    Sorry Bradistan but how can one move on ? Tazeen and Majumdar are right.

    a. What exactly are you trying to say ?

    b. What is the point in writing something, if it does not convey what you intend it to, not only for the lack of clarity of thought, but more so for the sheer grammatical catastrophe that it is.


  6. Agree with you on one thing….the sub-continent papers are by and large a better read than the ones In Aussieland,USA or the UK.
    BTW, it is a certain Mr.Chopra who “peddles spirituality in bottles”….not Mr.Copra 🙂

  7. The beauty of PTH is its “Pluralism” and a forum of dissent from established view points.

    The Point in my piece on “angry young Londonistani” [I am guilty as charged AYL] is the spirit of gate crashing the party of “Puritanical” journalism be it “Fox TV” or Voice of America.

    Forgive my ignorance, for being anarchic and chaotic in my writing, but these voices of global chaos have been the spear head of CHANGE in Youth movements in 1960s in Europe, 2006 Nepal, Pakistan, Greece in 2008 and the election of young urban professional Barack Hussain Obama.

    In words of Tariq Ali “If I wait for dice of history to fall before writing, I might as well not write at all”.
    Thanks again for providing the freedom of expression.
    If anyone wants to critique my work and ideas, you are most welcome, END OF DEBATE!! all letters answered.
    please feel to email me