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Looking for an Islamic Reformation II: Change Management

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

While the Muslim World remains mired in debates about whether it is okay to eat a crow or not or whether namaz should be prayed with shalwars pulled up or not, the world has left us far behind in the race for science, technology and commerce. This has been the case for many centuries now, but it is only recently that the last boat set out and we missed it yet again. The question that remains is that do we have the ingenuity to fashion for ourselves a new boat? This article seeks not to design a new boat but to give an account of the climactic conditions we would come across, if we were to venture into the unknown of which we have been so mortally afraid. Perhaps we will take notice or maybe we shall not and if the latter be the case, then I am afraid only Iqbal’s refrain “Dastaan bhee na hogi tumhari dastanon mein” will remain. Continue reading


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