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Accountability: A Citizens’ initiative

By Naeem Sadiq

 I am sad at the destruction of 200 schools in Swat.  But I am even more sad at the destruction of 15000 schools that have been turned into  ‘ghost schools’  in Pakistan. These schools continue to receive state funding and the teachers continue to receive monthly salaries.  The benefits of this on-going day-time robbery are  judiciously shared by the politicians and members of the Education department. Can I request that a list be prepared that gives the name of each school, the teachers on pay-roll, the funds received by each school, the responsible EDO (Education), the current use of the school building and the reason for closure of  the school.  This list be displayed on the internet and printed in national newspapers.   The people of Pakistan have a right to know where and why  their money is being pilfered and misused. The guilty need to be treated at par with the militants who bomb the schools in Swat.

 Please visit: www.accountabilitywatch.org


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