A Sonnet

by Saad Sultan

For my mouth being long by silence tied

I would in unquestioning blindness blame

My guiltless eyes, for in your heart they spied

No flicker breath’s blow could kindle aflame.

I feared fanning friendship to give love life,

Might end in extinguishing both their lights

Love’s tender womb, turn too soon to its tomb.

But! when ending with time is all life’s fate

Why prefer long, to happy, ending soon?

And if fortune would that I never taste

Love reciprocated, I should more fear

A life protracted, than a death that’s near

Yet I ink this hoping— not in despair—

That what I write, your heart, like Henna can wear.


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One response to “A Sonnet

  1. Why like ‘henna’ that fades away? Are we promoting transience or is it another aspect of Henna that is being highlighted here that I am unaware of . Pardon my ignorance if the question offends…