ye jo karbala, is baar barpa ki gai..

Wajid Ali Syed’s touching poem

ye jo karbala, is baar barpa ki gai..
vo karbala jo hum ney apni ankhon sey dekhii…
jismey Hussein ki bajayee is baar
Zenab shaheed hui..
us karbala per bayn karney waly..
kisi kandhey key mutlashii rahey..
aur koi qalam TooTtney per..
marsia bhi na keh saka…


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6 responses to “ye jo karbala, is baar barpa ki gai..

  1. pak.nukes

    What a beautiful piece of poetry. Zardari is Yazeed-e-waqt and will pay the price for what he has done to this poor woman.

  2. Muslims, who unwittingly claim to know the motives and intentions of all, will also eventually pay the price – Muslims who are much too fond of fatwas minus all evidence.

  3. Dont praise BiBi so high. She was after all a very corrupt politician who was indirectly involved in her brother Murtaza’s murder

  4. ylh

    Beautiful. Wajid Ali- brilliant as usual.

  5. muhammad sultan

    Benazir bhutto was greatest political leader of pakistan, the peoples who cal her coorrupt, does not wants democracy in pakistan. she had given sacrifices for pakistan. peoples who say that she was involved in her brother’s mother., murtaza was being killed by agencies in order to weak BB’S govt: please don’t say anything against of her,because she lost a lot of her for better of pakistan. JEAY BHUTTO.

  6. Milind Kher

    Last night was Shabe Ashur, and now it is Shame Ghariba. Extremely sad days for whoever loves Islam and the Ahlul Bayt.

    To liken Benazir to Sayyida Zaynab (a.s.) may be stretching things a bit, but if Sayyida Zaynab (a.s.) instituted Azadari for Imam Hussain (a.s.), then some worthy must do the same for Benazir!