Open Letter to all Pakistanis: Bombay, Faridkot and us

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Dear fellow Pakistanis,

I wrote an open letter recently to our neighbors in India which got a lot of attention- both from India and Pakistan.   The letter was written by a citizen of Pakistan to a citizen of India but it is only fair that I write a similar letter to my own compatriots.  Let me begin by thanking those of you who wrote emails of praise and appreciation.  At the time I wrote that letter, I genuinely could not conceive of a young boy from the remote village of Faridkot, too small to be visible on the map of Pakistan,  in Khanewal district to strike at the heart of India’s financial capital.  Given the motive, timing and the unfortunate demise and martyrdom of Hemant Karkare,  a true hero for the people of India,  and the growing nexus of Hindu extremism with terrorism aimed at the Muslim minority in India in the recent years forced me to point a finger, more speculative than accusatory,  at Hindu fundamentalist groups in India.   There is now incontrovertible evidence however that we were wrong.   And while we have to face up to this skeleton in our closet, it pains me to see so many of you still using my letter as some sort of defense to feed your own denial that this was our own boy from our own Faridkot.  The remoteness which to my mind declined the likelihood of this dusty village is probably the real reason why it is so.

We must face up to certain facts.  There are groups that will prey on poverty, illiteracy and real grievances of ordinary Pakistanis and pluck from them youth who will then be brainwashed into unleashing terror onto hapless populations.  No matter how legitimate one’s grievance or cause, it does not sanction violence aimed at unarmed civilian populations far removed from the cause itself.  This is the only real definition of terrorism if you ask me: every time an unarmed non-combatant civilian population is attacked, be it by insurgents or by a state force, it becomes terrorism. We must also accept that our experiment with Jehad in the 1980s has now become a Frankenstein monster.  I do not wish to belittle the sacrifices of the freedom fighters who fought for the liberation of Afghanistan from expansionist Soviet imperialism and totalitarianism.  The American led Jehad against Soviet expansionist tyranny was a bellum justum and we can be rightfully proud of it as a people.   After all,  it was one of the two successful such Jehads in the 20th century:   the first was when the great Gazi Kemal Ataturk raised the banner of Jehad and Muslim solidarity in Anatolia to motivate the Turks i.e Muslim inhabitants of Anatolia to drive out the invading Greeks from Turkey.   The major difference there was that at as a true patriot, Ataturk knew when to switch the Jehad button off.  The result was the first successful and modern secular nation state of the Muslim world.  Unfortunately, in Pakistan, our leaders and policy makers never got around to switching the button.  Their only countermove was to try and divert the Jehad to Kashmir but that strategy was only partially successful.
This strategy failed to liberate Kashmir but the Jehadis continued to be trained and funded by us.   It has become a bad investment with no likely future.  In the post September 11 world, these groups can only serve to discredit what is a legitimate freedom movement of the Kashmiri people.  We must realize that we live in a dangerous world where increasingly borders are irrelevant.    Our days of waging proxy wars are behind us.  The strategy of bleeding India with a thousand cuts has backfired. Lal Masjid, violence all over Pakistan and growing anger of militant movements out of state’s control are cuts that seep blood in Pakistan every day.   We must pause, cry halt and ask ourselves:  Is this what we made Pakistan for?

The idea of Pakistan always had detractors – many across the border but some here as well.  We’ve given them a lot to be glad about.   At the heart of the Pakistan idea was Jinnah’s idea of political and economic empowerment of the Muslim community.  Decades of military rule have made the former impossible and the latter is now becoming an ever elusive goal.  Jinnah spoke of a Pakistan committed to the “welfare of the masses” where “rule of law” would prevail and “life liberty and religious belief” of every citizen shall be fully protected. Indeed it would be the first priority of the state or so Jinnah thought.   Today in Pakistan the life and liberty of every citizen is in peril.  Religious belief is not even an option any more.   As more Pakistanis slip under the poverty line, it is clear that Pakistan is not committed to the welfare of the masses other than the ruling elite and the few hundred thousands who make up its armed forces.   Instead of making a mess of things, had we honestly applied ourselves to the fulfillment of Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan, we would not find ourselves in the mess that we are in.   Had we worked for the welfare of the masses as the Quaid expected us to, Ajmal Amir Qasab would be an educated and productive member of Pakistani society instead of causing havoc and chaos in a neighboring country which inching towards respectability and whose success would deliver a large portion of humanity from the misery and terror of poverty.  If we are too lazy, selfish and dishonorable to put things right for ourselves, let’s atleast not disrupt the lives of hundreds of millions in a country that is making an effort.

In my letter to the Indians, I ranted about Indian media and its propaganda against Pakistan.  Now I ask myself:  Can we blame them?  I don’t blame them in the least.  We deserved every single bit of what we got from the Indian media.   May this be the sledge hammer for us to finally wake up from our deep slumber of ignorance and arrogance.

Jinnah’s Pakistan Zindabad

Humanity Paindabad

A fellow Pakistani

PS:  Kudos to Dawn Newspaper for courageously exposing the roots of terror.  At least one of Mr. Jinnah’s creations is living up to its founder’s expectations.


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34 responses to “Open Letter to all Pakistanis: Bombay, Faridkot and us

  1. Neo

    Dear Yasser,

    General public of India wish to see pakistan civil society setting their priorities for the future.

    The very first realization, that their future will be the primary victim of the terror sponsorship, will help a lot for this cause.

    Really appriciate your point of view and wish to share mine that both of us should focus on our own developments and leave a nice earth for our grand children.

  2. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

  3. Monkey


    Very well written. This is all about us now, Mumbai attacks or no Mumbai attacks, Pakistan and Pakistanis need to own up to the problems with our state. If we won’t fix them, no one else will..and they will only bite us – harder.

    There is however one thing I must absolutely comment on. You wrote: “In my letter to the Indians, I ranted about Indian media and its propaganda against Pakistan. Now I ask myself: Can we blame them?”
    To me it seemed like suddenly getting too diplomatic. As I said before also, I understand that they were aggrieved and panicked and terrorised but a lot of things that the Indian media and the Indian people said were very disgraceful and disrespectful. So let’s give them blame where it’s due. The Indian media did behave immaturely and irresponsibly.

    Just to be clear: this is not denial. I had always believed that LeT could very well be behind the attacks and Pakistani soil could very well have been used. And now that it’s been proved, I accept it for what it is. But I just want to be fair.

  4. Sac

    Mr Hamdani,

    Thanks for your letter. I think many people (including myself) have started believing (and i wrote to you) that india and pak have become two different people in two different directions. zardari’s denial just two days ago, the suit against geo y’day and the increasing cover up efforts at faridkot only convinced us more. ppl here r thinking pakistanis will tell lies, use deception and do anything just to hurt us, that we are facing an unreasonable enemy and we shud drop all illusions of making peace ever.

    letters from people like you (normal reasonable patriots who believe in the sanctity of human life – not just the victims but also kasab’s who was brainwashed), help to give us some hope. i don’t know why pakistanis feel shame in facing facts, surely a misplaced sense of honor.

  5. simply61

    Wonderfully worded YLH.Apreciate your writing this.Will make sure as many Indians read it as possible because the ability to be honestly self critical is essential for all societies.

  6. YLH

    Thank you for your kind words … All of you.

  7. Vijay Goel

    Hi all.I dont for a moment believe that suddenly Indians and Pakistanis have become two different people as Sac has written.In the aftermath goaded by a viceferous media we were acting in the same manner crying hoarse instead of trying to be reasonable.We were on different sides but chest beating was same.
    However I do believe you can divide the populace in 3 classes.One the religous fanatic whether Hindu or Islamic who thinks it is his bounden duty to annhilate the followers of the other riligion.The pity is that real Islam is the Sufi Islam which preaches love and piety.As far as Hinduism is concerned it does not preach anything as such except that EACH PERSON has to follow his calling which is to be determined by him and only him depending on the time circumstances and situation he his own and for him it is better to die following that calling “Swadharme Niidhanam Shreya”.Never to try to define what the other person has to do.A life time is not enough to fulfill your own calling.Second categoty of people are those who consider patriotism to be to stridently follow the official line and downgrade the other Nation.The 3rd category are those who consider peace and friendship with each other at any cost.The rewards of frienship and harmony will be far greater than what we have to forego in developing that friendship.All the three category of people believe they are right and there is no leadership which can sell a coherrent policy to the Nation.
    Lets keep on trying with the belief that Human Beings are basically good and the survival instincts are strong enough to overcome our suicidal instincts.

  8. Milind Kher

    Islam is by its very definition, a religion of peace. This aspect of Islam, as also its philosophy of the brotherhood of mankind was what drove me towards Islam in a big way.

    I very much doubt whether the PEOPLE of Pakistan seek a conflict with the PEOPLE of India. However, the people of the respective countries will have to rein in their politicians and make them behave.

    just think about how much defense expenditure could be saved if only these nations trusted one another.

  9. sherryx

    “The American led Jehad against Soviet expansionist tyranny was a bellum justum and we can be rightfully proud of it as a people. After all, it was one of the two successful such Jehads in the 20th century”

    Thanks Mr Hamdani, finally for showing your true colours. You endorse Jihad. Now you have become the true Muslim Leaguei I hope you will join your Jihadi brothers in Wana and Sawat who are fighting against “expansionist tyranny” and occupation of the Same Afghanistan , and also of Iraq by American imperialism.
    I was just wondering what the constitutional lawyer MA Jinnah would have thought about such a Jihad, a CIA and opium funded armed insurgency against a government which was legal, a member of United Nations, with whom Pakistan had diplomatic ties . This gross violation of a country’s sovereignty , whose ambassidor was sitting in “Islam” abad, the capital of land of pure, this shameful interference into a country’s internal affairs??
    These fascists also are fighting hindu “tyranny” and “American tyranny”. Our great Mujahid friend would you tell us why an armed insurgency against soviet imperialism was “bellum justum” and that against American Imperialism and occupation is not “bellum justum”. So Islamic fascists fighting Indian occupations of Kashmir also come under the cover of “bellum Justum”??? or we should seek fatwa from you , which insurgencies are “bellum justum” .
    Perhaps Josh was right about suit wearing “communalists” , the issue you have is with beard and Burqa, otherwise , its same glorious Jihad both of you are doing. You justify terrorism and insurgency against Stalinist regimes. and they justify it against a Hindu country and USA. Worse kind of dogmatism.
    Its time you look in the mirror.

    “Haan League hon Islam ki darina “Mujahid”
    Hur baat meri Tegh, hur saans he bhala
    Hur ferd e haqomat he meri aankh ka taara
    Hur khan bahadur he meri goad ka pala”
    Josh Malihabadi

    Mr Merd e Mujahid, Josh was right after all, from you support of Jihad to your support of establishment. You are a true Muslim Leagui. Poor MA Jinnah, if he could have seen what his prophets are doing.

  10. Mr. Hamdani:

    At the exact juncture when there is an overwhelming body of evidence brewing against the Indian story and right after the FBI cleared the ISI of any wrongdoing, you stab the peaceful people of Pakistan in the back!

    You are naive and innocent to believe that while Modi (the next PM) is planning to massacre thousands of Muslims and while India is threatening to attack Pakistan you can brownnose Delhi into accepting Pakistan and giving up their dream of Akhand Bharat.

    It is reprehensible that you write this letters on the day the Indian RAW blew up Ghakkar Plaza in Pindi, blew up a building in Peshawar two week ago and then tried to cause chaos in Karachi while Mumbai was going on.

    It is obominable that you write this letter while India sits on Pakistani territory in Junagarh, Manvadar, Kashmir, Siachin, Sir Creek and Kargil.

    Answer us this question. Why is it that those convicted of crimes in Pakistan Advani etc are rising the ladders of success and hospitals in Pakistan are closed.

    Appeasement can go only so far. Mir Jaffar met his maker one day and the entire Subcontinent suffered as a result of his actions.

    May God Bless you and show you the error of your ways.

    La kum deena kum wal ya deen

    Was Salaam!

    Editor Rupee News
    Moin Ansari

    PS: One small request….change the name of your site to Hindustan Tea House or Mir Jaffer Tea House

  11. Sam


  12. lal

    there is no point in joining an issue with you.i think u r as unreasonable as unreasonable ever can be.but answer me, y on earth should ordinary indians endorse an idea of akhand bharath.y shud i even dream of having people like u in my country.infact given half the chance i am ready to export mr.mody also to ur country.u two can become a gr8 couple

  13. lal

    well written again sir
    just a few points
    “Their only countermove was to try and divert the Jehad to Kashmir but that strategy was only partially successful.”what is this PARTIAL SUCCESS?it has not got anywhere near its objective,it has killed so many people of pak,india and kashmir
    “In my letter to the Indians, I ranted about Indian media and its propaganda against Pakistan. Now I ask myself: Can we blame them? I don’t blame them in the least.”they are not at all blame less.most of there coverage was ridiculous.where as the indian public is genuinely angry,u must remmber that if u had followed the coverage of indian media during harbhajan symonds monkey gate,it was something like india is going to war with australia.indian media have a long long way to go.
    but something people of pakistan must realise is the growing realisation all across indian political spectrum that pakistan is either unwilling or incapable of taking action against terrorists in its territory.and the help of americans will be minimal and that too only till it suits their own interests

  14. YLH

    Shaheryar Ali (aka Sherryx) – you are a hypocrite- that is a considered position. Your flip flops are indicative of one of two things:

    1. Either you are extremely ignorant and plain.


    2. You are intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt.

    Here is why:

    Now that you have chosen to hide behind “constitutional law” (I am assuming you meant International law – which in any event does not fit neatly the definition of law) … law being according to Marxists like you merely a tool to protect the propertied classes from the mob… perhaps you would mind clarifying your position on the Chief Justice issue…

    If Fidel Castro and co. are supported by Soviet Union in a coup against a government there, you don’t have a problem with that…. but you have a problem with Afghan freedom fighters fighting against Soviet Imperialism? You speak of International law, but did Soviet Union not invade Afghanistan?

    “On December 27, 1979, 700 Soviet troops dressed in Afghan uniforms, including KGB OSNAZ and GRU SPETSNAZ special forces from the Alpha Group and Zenith Group, occupied major governmental, military and media buildings in Kabul, including their primary target – the Tajbeg Presidential Palace. That operation began at 19:00 hr., when the Soviet Zenith Group destroyed Kabul’s communications hub, paralyzing Afghan military command. At 19:15, the assault on Tajbeg Palace began; As planned, president Hafizullah Amin was killed. Simultaneously, other objectives were occupied (e.g. the Ministry of Interior at 19:15). The operation was fully complete by the morning of December 28, 1979. The Soviet military command at Termez, Uzbek SSR, announced on Radio Kabul that Afghanistan had been “liberated” from Amin’s rule. According to the Soviet Politburo they were complying with the 1978 Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good Neighborliness and Amin had been “executed by a tribunal for his crimes” by the Afghan Revolutionary Central Committee. That committee then elected as head of government former Deputy Prime Minister Babrak Karmal, who had been demoted to the relatively insignificant post of ambassador to Czechoslovakia following the Khalq takeover, and that it had requested Soviet military assistance.”

    Why is Soviet invasion of Afghanistan exempt from your self righteous tone and new found love of international law? Didn’t the Soviet Army kill the legitimate president of a legitimate country with which Soviet Union had diplomatic ties? You are too big of a hypocrite to answer this aren’t you?

    Now I am guessing that your objection to Pakistan’s encouragement of militancy is to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s support of Afghan insurgents in 1975. Bhutto’s actions were a direct response to Daoud’s encouragement of the Pakhtoonistan nonsense… wasn’t Pakistan government a legitimate democratic government under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and wasn’t NWFP part of Pakistan which was a member of the UN and had diplomatic ties with Afghanistan? Why then was Daoud planning the dismemberment of a sovereign state with which it had diplomatic ties?
    So once again you’ve over-played your hand… because it was Afghanistan which was in violation of international law not Pakistan. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s government was merely reacting to a situation that was being created by Afghanistan.

    Also… in Kashmir… it is not only the Islamic fascists fighting Indian rule. There have always been secular groups like JKLF … who have done more for the cause of the struggle in Kashmir. Indians and their tattoos like to paint all freedom fighters with one brush of Islamic fascism… indeed Islamic fascism has only served to discredit a legitimate and just struggle.

    I am not alergic to the term Muslim Leaguer so long as it means the original All India Muslim League that was disbanded on 17th December, 1947 by Jinnah. However in Pakistan I see no justification for a Muslim League … let alone the post 1958 erstwhile Unionists who have hijacked the name Muslim League for their own advantage… I have a strong dislike for the Chaudries and Sharifs… Btw was the PPP’s founding document that contained a document (document 7 was it?) “Jehad in Kashmir” as a principle of policy … this founding document was prepared Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, J A Rahim, Mubashir Hassan and Hanif Ramay. I don’t know if we can term any of these gentlemen “Islamic fascists”.

    So you are completely wrong as usual on everything you’ve written… and I suggest you equip yourself with knowledge before you mouth off like a crazy person (which is what you might as well be). Little knowledge is dangerous… but little knowledge combined with a closed brain is disastrous Sherry and that is what you are: a disaster for your cause.

  15. YLH

    “One small request….change the name of your site to Hindustan Tea House or Mir Jaffer Tea House”


    Mr. Ansari,

    While I might not see eye to eye with you on everything, I’ve respected you for having the moral courage to stand up for Pakistan.

    But this is pathetic… this is Pak Tea House and this will remain Pak Tea House… despite attempts by the ossified ideological brains on the right or the left to change it to Hindustan Chai House or India Cofee House.

  16. lal

    Well YLH
    Atleast some of the tea that u drink are from india:)
    After all India is the words biggest exporter of tea and Pakistan worlds biggest importer

  17. A very interesting write up and a courageous one too!

  18. YLH

    We shall continue to drink tea at Pak Tea House, regardless of where the tea originates from.

  19. Dastagir

    PAKISTAN chal nahin raha hai. It has been 60 years. Now it is high time., to merge India, Pakistan and Bangladesh into a Secular “United States of India”. No one will destroy/swallow Islam / Hinduism / Christianity / even the Parsi Religion. Muslims were taken for a ride (by the elite) in 1947… that game is exposed now. RSS and the Mullah can be countered by a United India only., otherwise SE Asia will go to dogs. Undo Pakistan and Bangladesh. Establish a Truly Secular “Republic of India”.

  20. I strongly disagree with what you have written. Its still not completely evident that the boy was trained by Jihadist. You might be forgetting that Indian agencies at the moment are very effective on the Afghan border and are surely trying to make Balochistan the next Bangladesh. The boy Qasab, Kasav or whatever his surname is might have come from Faridkot but it there cant be 100% guarantee that he was trained by LeT or JuD. He could have been well recruited by Indian agency to perform the task in mind. So we can not drop that possibility and hold LeT or JuD responsible (provided that their operations and movements are very limited now due to the clamp down by ISI).

    Now about India media, well fingers were pointed in Pakistanis direction in similar fashion when Samjhota Express mishap took place but after conducting further investigation we all know what clue’s and facts came out.

    The problem with India and Indian is they lost their biggest war when Pakistan was created and they still take the name “Pakistan” with a pinch of salt. Pakistan is India’s worst nightmare and will remain to be one until Pakistan is on the map of Pakistan.

    India and Indian’s call Pakistan a terrorist state though they themselves are involved in mass murder of Muslims in Kashmir and Gujarat (A fact from which people turn their faces away). The world being against “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan” ignores that fact that India is not following the UN resolution on Kashmir and breaches it everyday. So before pointing figures at Pakistan they need to address the problems in their on backyard.

    In my opinion Mumbai carnage was orchestrated by no one else other then India/Indians because of following reasons:-

    1. Kashmir once again moves away from the limelight
    2. Cover up Samjhota express culprits
    3. Elections & Congress
    4. Destabilize Pakistan and make Balochistan the next Bangladesh.

    I don’t know if anyone has put any notice on this or not but ironically Qasab,Kasav or whatever was the only man clearly pictured out of the 10 during the carnage of Mumbai. He was one of the first ones to be ambushed and caught and is giving evidence now ? Does this all not tie up and make clear sense of orchestration? It is a mere setup of ill fated Indian politicians like Modi.

    If the world is soo much bothered about terrorism then they should really look at the root of it.(and its not Pakistan). There needs to be a detailed U.N inquiry into the matter of Gujrat and may be you can enlighten your knowlegde of the Gujrat massacre by watching pain full video’s on youtube. The gujrat incidents actually tie up the way people were slaughtered in mumbai…

  21. simply61

    princefino, at the moment if Pakistan is giving a headache to anyone,it is its own people who are forced to watch bands of rabblerousers take over their country.

  22. trp


    “I don’t know if anyone has put any notice on this or not but ironically Qasab,Kasav or whatever was the only man clearly pictured out of the 10 during the carnage of Mumbai”

    CST is the only place that any terrorists spent any time out in the open for some time, hence BOTH the terrirists have been clearly captured on camera there, not just Kasab 🙂 but of course, u r a ‘believer’ 🙂

    sure we shud not even rule out even the possibility that santa clasue did it, but that does not mean i make up stories based on wishful thinking w/o reconciling simple facts like if RAW abducted Kasab, then how did he keep visiting his village? or that why would a pakistani muslim from religious southern punjab start working for RAW? fun thing is all these conspiracy theories are based on two assumptions 1) muslims are stupid and can be made to do / belive ANYTHING the evil Brahmins / Jews want, 2) the Evil brahmins / jews are so super amazing intelligent that they can make some muslims do ANYTHING they want AND make the rest of the world believe somebody else did it 🙂

    in either assumtions, u r losers :p

  23. trp,

    Its easy to become personal and call me a loser. The very important pakistani question is where is the evident evidence? at the moment India has provided shyte to Pakistan 9 (Now please dont advocate that they have becayse interpol has clearly said India has not…).

    Qasab, kasav or whatever that man is, there is still no concrete evidence of him being Pakistani. So instead of jumping to conclusion lets just all sit down and wait for facts to come to live. Pakistan is India’s nightmare since 14th of August 1947. So anything is expected out of ill fated Indian agencies and polictician.

    By the way in all this I hope you are not forgetting the episode of samjhota express and the real culprits behind it.

  24. trp

    Bhai prince,

    I hope u r not forgetting that samzauta express case has been investigated by indians themselves w/o international armtwisting.

    apparently, kasab’s father (National id no 3530121767339) owning him is no proof. pak govt needs his birth certificate, which we don’t have 🙂 aparently zardari is still sending his people to his village to find out 🙂 that shows how much hopes there are of any kind of honest effort in pak.

    hey it was not personal, i called all the blind motivated conspiracy theorists losers. don’t take it personally.

  25. lal

    1)Indian foreign minister calls up and threatens the President of Pakistan.Then it is a ‘hoax’.then it is a truth again.
    2)Indian jets violate Pak airspace.Then it is ‘technical’.Then a demarche is issued.
    3)Now an Indian ‘spy’ is arrested for a car bomb in which one woman is killed
    Seems somebody in Pakistan really want an India- Pak war.
    A pity that everyone has to suffer because of the miscalculation or hyperintelligence of a few idiots

  26. YLH


    I pray that people like you read H M Seervai’s Partition of India legend and reality.

    We will never agree to a union with India or any other country. The boat on that sailed when Nehru vetoed the Cabinet Mission Plan.

    The rest of your post is just nonsense. The treatment meted to A R antulay -Congress’ loyal Muslim- by Congress itself – which is a repetition of the treatment meted out to many Congress muslims and supporters whenever they got out of line … Jinnah, Azad, Shaikh Abdullah are all examples of how when a Muslim steps out of line, he becomes a candidate for abuse and slander.

    Thank God for Pakistan. Ofcourse I’d like to see it as a secular state but never part of India.

  27. YLH

    I just noticed that you are referring to Pakistan and India as SE Asia… No wonder you are clueless.

  28. lal

    Dastagir,i dont no where he comes from.I agree with you completely.I am sure no one here in India also dreams of a union with Pakistan an Bangladesh.
    Abdu Rehman Anthuley was not playing muslim.He was playing the role of the petty politician.I think he should have been dropped from union cabinet.
    ‘The treatment meted to A R antulay’……i hope you realise that he is still a cabinet minister in union of india despite all that……..

  29. Monkey

    Union with India? Never.


    there is a reality check for indians on my blog. Please have a read…

  31. lal

    “….Take Masood Azhar for example now. We genuinely want to take hold of him but he has vanished. We don’t know were he is. What’s wrong in that? I mean why don’t you trust us over that?…”Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani on CNN IBN….how pathetic…

  32. Milind Kher

    It is important for Pakistan to understand that the terrorists operating from Pakistan against India will prove a danger to Pakistan in the long run. The Lal Masjid and Mariott debacles are sufficient proof of this.

    Let Pakistan have a genuine crackdown on the terrorists, and it will benefit both countries. Terrorists have no religion and they are not going to be sympathetic to Pakistan.

  33. YLH

    Mr. Kher,


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