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More on the Response to Thomas L Friedman’s Article “Calling All Pakistanis”

Kashkin has contributed this post further to his earlier piece that generated much discussion

We felt the sorrow for Mumbai attacks in the same manner as we feel for what happens in Pakistan but this does not mean we feel apologetic and come out on the streets to protest considering when full facts of this event haven’t even been made public other than random incidences on the media and pointing fingers at people and institutions. If they are involved, then surely they need to be punished, whether the people involved are from Pakistan or from India. It’s not that we do not protest. The whole nation protested over judiciary issue, we protested over what happened in Iraq and in Lebanon.
Also the point I wanted to make was that we need to understand the root causes of this phenomena as well. It’s no good jumping on the bandwagon and start raising slogans and blame game. Pakistan, like any other country has its fair share of issues and concerns, be it political or social. There is a never day that goes past when Pakistan is not in the news. Same goes for India as well. India has taken great pride in promoting this sense of democracy and the rest and yet when it comes to seeing those democratic principles and its application towards Pakistan, they seem to conveniently ignore and forget. Continue reading


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