Muslims In Introspection Mode… Now a Fatwa on Dr. Zakir Naik

Guest contribution by Sadia Dehlvi

Something good is happening in the Muslim world. A man with a half Muslim parentage will soon take oath to the highest office in America. The Malegaon blasts are being fairly investigated, something the community has been demanding. The possibilities of” Hindu Terror”, are surfacing and being condemned by secular Indians, forming the majority of the country. Recently Muslim scholars, activists and clerics got together and issued fatwas delinking Islam with terror. An eighteen coach Sheikh ul Hind Express from Deoband carrying two thousand clerics set out on a journey with a message of peace and integration. A total of six thousand clerics from twenty one states met in Hyderabad to issue more fatwas against terror activities making the message is loud and clear for both Muslims and non-Muslims. From shock and denial modes, the Indian Muslim community has begun to introspect and take positive efforts.

Now, a collective body of Muslim clerics adhering to different schools of jurisprudence have taken another commendable step by denouncing Dr. Zakir Naik’s speeches and demanding a ban on them. Popular Muslim resentment against Dr. Naik became evident last December when he used the phrase, May Allah be pleased with him”, for Yezid the debauch, tyrannical murderer of Imam Hussain; the Prophet Mohamed’s grandson who was martyred at the battle of Kerbala. Throughout Islamic history, these particular words been used only for the Prophets trusted companions. Anger has now peaked with Dr. Naik declaring that praying to Prophet Mohammed and seeking his intercession with God is heresy. Dr. Naik does not even address the Prophet respectfully (something that even Allah does not do in the Quran), doesn’t use the prefix Prophet or similar titles or add (duroord) the traditional blessing after pronouncing his name.

I have been particularly disturbed by the growing popularity of Dr. Naik, founder of Peace TV and the president of an organization, “ The Islamic Research Foundation”. Dr. Naik is not an Islamic scholar or a cleric and can best be described as a preacher famous for his computer like memory of almost all religious scriptures including the Bible, Vedas and the Quran. A medical doctor by training and inspired by the late Indian born South African evangelist Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Dr. Naik loves to debate with Hindus on the Vedas, with Jains about vegetarianism and atheists on religion and science. In the garb of interfaith dialogues, Dr. Naik not just runs down all major religions, but also rubbishes as haraam (sinful) all Muslim devotional aspects that differ from his viewpoint.

His much advertised programs like, “ Dare to Ask” appear more like Question and Answer reality shows than any serious dialogue on Islam. An effective discourse on Islam should on Islam should be warmed by emotions of love and sincerity, moving listeners to tears with the Love of God. In contrast, Dr. Naik’s Q and A usually produce thunderous rounds of applause. Islamic values and tradition are no about proving its upmanship, but about co existing in peace with other communities. The Quran affirms that God himself made us “into nations and tribes so we may know each other”.

Many amongst my own family members and friends in different parts of the world are regretfully extremely taken up by Dr. Naik. They flout his brilliant memory and believe he has converted many to Islam. Since when has the ability to memorise passages from the Quran become the scale to judge religious scholarship. I often remind them that mere conversion is no testimony to faith. The Quran clearly differentiates between a “muslim” and “momin”.It refers just a few times to Muslims and constant talks about those who have “imaan”. According to many sound transmissions of Hadith, Prophet Mohammed defined the completion and perfection of “imaan” as a state where one loves him more than anything else in the world. True love of the Prophet has to be demonstrated by following the highest ethical ideals as established by him.

In the subcontinent, Islam is the legacy of Sufis who gave us traditions of syncretism and communal harmony. Their tombs remain our historical, cultural and religious reference points. Through condemning Sufi followers as “grave worshippers”, Salafi and Wahabi ideology inspired speakers such as Dr. Naik reject an entire historical body of Islamic scholarship, jurisprudence and almost seventy five percent of Islamic literature. Sufism is a major theme with over eighty percent of Muslim communities worldwide.

Dr. Naik is on record saying, “ If Osama bin Laden is terrorising America or the enemies of Islam, every Muslim should become a terrorist. If someone is terrorising a terrorist, he is following Islam.” Excerpts of this video are circulating on the Internet, damaging the already wounded perception of Islam and its followers. We all accept there are elements of state terror in our societies, but the answer does not lie in retaliating with more terror but in engaging with dialogue through a peaceful social political process. When questioned about the above statement on television, Dr. Naik argues that he does not know Osama Bin Laden personally and therefore cannot decide whether he is guilty of terrorism or not. I don’t think any of us personally know Osama Bin Laden personally, but we are all aware of the kind of terrorism he and Al Qaeeda stand for and must condemn violence of any kind on innocent citizens anywhere in the world. Nothing is worse and more threatening to democratic societies than religious based intolerant ideologies, irrespective of what religious group it stems from.

According to some newspapers, investigation reports on Kafeel, the suicide bomber who rammed into the Glasgowairport revealed that the Glasgow bomber was deeply influenced by Dr.Naik’s rhetoric. This variety of Muslim evangelists is largely responsible for sowing seeds of intolerance in Muslim youth. The young educated Muslims joining terror outfits are clearly misled by their confrontationist attitudes. Without classical scholarship and guidance, religion can go horribly wrong.

Social injustices cannot be used as a theme to create havoc and destruction in society.

However, some rabid ideologues continue providing fuel to Muslim animosity by overturning the spirituality of Islam into a rationalized discourse leading to pragmatic political activism. If Muslims insist that Hindutva ideologues be quietened, we must do the same with Muslim radicals.

Traditional Islam accepts the Quran as a source of spiritual nourishment and not a political document. Two types of Islam existed in the first Islamic century where extremism was a recognized discourse. The first was the kind taught by Prophet Mohammed and the other as practiced by the Kharijis, a group that developed takfiri, a political philosophy that identified anyone who disagreed with their understanding of Islam as unbelievers. This extremist ideology resulted in the dissident group justifying the killing of innocent people including women and children. In order to protect the true Islam, Ali ibn Talib, the son-in-law and cousin of Prophet Mohammed militarily fought the Khwarijis and was assassinated in the process. The current battle within the Muslim community is between the Islam of Prophet Mohammed and the modern Khwarijis who are waging a war of terror using Islamic terminology under the banner of Muslim faith.

Dialogue within the Muslim community on what form the rightful Islamic traditions has long been overdue. Thankfully, Muslims are now on an alert mode, identifying and rejecting intolerant elements within their own people.


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66 responses to “Muslims In Introspection Mode… Now a Fatwa on Dr. Zakir Naik

  1. Tahir

    Dr Zakir Naik issuing death penalty for conversion of religion.

    Would he support (oe even allow) the same for those converting to Islam in non-Muslim countries?

    I just don’t understand this hypocrisy. Its OK for Muslims to kill anyone in the name of religion but its not OK for Bush or a Hindu or a Jew to kill in the name of his religion?

  2. Tahir

    PS: We must start demanding same responsibilities of everyone and same rights for everyone.

  3. msultan

    This a comment I had sent to Hindustan Times about the article of Sadia Dehlvi. However, Hindustan Times did not include my comment on that article and preffered not to show it. Obviously afraid of the truth. Any way here is my comment on her article in which she shamelessly attacked a selfless person like Dr. Zakir Naik, revealing her thuggish mentality.

    …” Well Sadia Dehlvi has poured out her venom against a selfless person like Dr. Zakir Naik. Majority of Indian Muslims are influenced by Hinduism and thus they have incorporated Hindu beliefs into Islam. There is no difference between a Hindu temple and the Dargah of Ajmer. Sadia Dehlvi has not backed up her article with any reference from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Yet she claims to b a Muslim. I doubt whether Sadia is a Muslim at all. She has no ground to launch aggressive attack against Dr. Zakir Naik who is a humble person. The cheap and insignificant maulvis of barelvi and shia sects can do nothing except giving fatwas from their fatwa factory. Sadia says that Dr. Naik is not an Islamic scholar or cleric. well, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know the fundamentals of Islam. You don’t have to be a scholar to know the fundamentals of Islam. Our faith should be correct and not corrupted. Islam in Indian subcontinent has Hindu influences. In Persia there are zoroastrian influences on Islam and hence the development of Shia ideology. Muslims in India have not left their Hindu past yet. Sadia says that Dr. Naik is a “tel-evangelist”. She is even ignorant of what a tel-evangelist means?? I am shocked to see such ignorant people writing in a reputed national daily. Sadia please do us a favour just leave Islam and convert to Hinduism. People like Sadia can go to any extent, even compromising Islam itself to get fake peace. I would like to post words of the Prophet Muhammad himself, the things that he warned us about “May the curse of Allah be upon the Jews and Christians, for they took the graves of their Prophets as places of worship.” He was warning against doing what they did. (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, al-Salaah, 417). He severely warned Muslims of exaggeration in praising or respecting him:
    “Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Maryam, for I am only a servant. So, call me the Servant of Allah and His Messenger” (Al-Bukhari). Also even Jesus(pbuh) said “Matthew 23:29 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchures of the righteous,”
    Now coming to the Quran. I will post here from the non muslim translator Arthur John Arberry, because he would have no ulterior motives to mistranslate the words. the first chapter. Surah Al-fatiha verse 5 says, “THEE ONLY WE SERVE; TO THEE ALONE WE PRAY FOR SUCCOUR”. Also read surah al-jinn 72:19-21 Say(O Prophet): “I do no more than invoke my Lord, and I join not with Him any (false god).” Say(O Prophet): “It is not in my power to cause you harm, or to bring you to right conduct.”
    Say: “No one can deliver me from Allah (If I were to disobey Him), nor should I find refuge except in Him,
    so miss sadia why do not u leave him alone. Are u so much afraid of the truth, that if u will not ban him people will believe him? This has been the trend throughout ages, resistance against TRUTH. You know what happened to our great scholars in the past. You must be knowing. Dr. Zakir Naik has realised his duty to Allah and his religion Islam, but you have not. You are too insigificant to raise questions about Dr. Zakir Naik. Let me ask you a question. Why is it that when Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place in India(which is wrong), only Masjids are targeted and burned and Dargahs are not burnt? You know why? It is because those Hindus believe that people who go to dargahs are our camp-followers and their is no difference between Dargah and Temple. If you don’t agree with Dr. Zakir Naik, that does not mean he is wrong, because you are no criterion. Whatever Dr. Zakir Naik says is backed up with references from Quran and authentic hadiths. You are blindly following following your forefathers who were also blind. These filthy dirty deviant Maulvis are afraid that if people come to know the Truth who will listen to them and they will lose their sheep, their audience and also the money from the Dargahs. Prophet Muhammad said, Beware of innovations in Your religion. Let it not attract you.I wonder why do you want to worship the Prophet when he told you to worship Allah alone? What do you want to ask from the Prophet, that Allah can’t give you? Allah forbid. People like you don’t know the ABC of their religion and come to attack selfless scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik. You are muslim by name, but have renounced Islam long ago in your heart. Your stupid article will not have any effect on the courage of Dr. Zakir Naik. Go celebrate Hindu festivals, because you are one of them. A Right is a Right even if no one does it and a Wrong is a Wrong even if everyone does it.
    As for the matter that Dr. Zakir Naik supports Osama bin Laden, you have twisted his words to suit your agenda. These tricks that people like you and these filthy barelvi and shia maulvis are playing are no different from what the Jews did to Jesus(pbuh). The Jews accused him of saying the things Jesus never said. If you were present at the time of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) you would have opposed him also. I was pained to see your dirty and shameless article reprinted by the Pakistani Christian Post because what else do they want than to see namesake Muslims like you coming up against their own good scholars. If you are not even yet ashamed of your foolish article then I wonder whether you are a Muslim or not? So take back your words and apologize in this news paper for your irresponsible article. “…

  4. Sultan your comment was in itself an article… Indeed it was needed direly. I wonder why this article was even posted here. When I was reading this article I was bewildered of the things she wrote. I don’t see that Pakistani viewers hate Dr. Zakir at all rather he is one of the scholars whom people listen to instead of the rest of the filth which is telecast on cable.
    And yes what these cheap maulvis till now have brought us? What they have taught us? and How they have preserved Islam? These are the questions which are in the minds of every muslim now in the sub-continent. So why to follow their own political agendas?
    Those were the people who apposed even creation of Pakistan and now they claim the fate of Pakistan. We need scholars like Zakir Naik, who are well suited to fill the gap that we saw after the Sufi era. We need Sufis who can teach us Islam in a better way.

  5. farhan

    All these television preachers and molvis are just ‘pop stars’. I don’t know when people will understand that.

    Nice article.

  6. I agree that Dr. Naik is not a scholar par-excellence. Most people who listen to him intently are really in awe of his uber-human memory.

    However, with all due respect, madam, how are you behaving any differently (from what you’re criticizing) when you refer to “wahabis” and “salafis” in an implicitly derogatory manner? Much like you will defend sufism, so should you give those who oppose it, the right to choose. They are not without argument. They do not believe in intercession or building shrines because they do not see the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions (pbut) doing any of that. If we profess that we take our religion from them, then we must bring forth proof/evidence – from the Qur’an and/or the Sunnah. Can you? The onus of proof is on you.


  7. Zubair

    Hilarious and SAD!

    Just beacuse of a suffix attached to the name of Yazid,suddenly Dr. Naik has become a villiam, his inter-faith attempts and his rational discourses in the public notwithstanding?

    So much for Tolerance,eh? The writer seems to me to be much more radical than the terrorists,maybe she should have been on the Deoband train to learn some tolerance.

    Note what Ghazali said: Weigh every material coming from a person in its own merit, not on the merit of the person.

  8. Zubair

    BTW, the inter-faith discourse she has targeted are totally rational, and if she has missed the point, full of scientific thought as well. What a verdict that its totally useless just becuase of the conclusion it seeks.

  9. a-woman

    Pathetic article by Sadia Dehlvi.. and a wonderful reply by msultan!

  10. Vandana

    It seems Dr.Naik continues to give rise to controversy every where.As a non muslim it is not possible for me to comment on his merits or faults but the ferocity of the attack on Sadia’s viewpoint seems indicative of the tendency to halt all discourse that involves a different viewpoint.

  11. Vandana,

    Discourse is essential for our mental growth and stimulation. But while Ms. Dehlvi is fighting for her sufi beliefs, she is also insulting the beliefs of others by being derogatory about their “wahabiism” or “salafiism”. Of course, it is not for Dr. Naik to proclaim somebody a non-Muslim. He is wrong if he does that.



  12. rashid

    “Secret” of Dr. Zakir Naik’s “scholarship”.
    From where Dr. Zakir Naik gets his “knowledge”?

    ZK impresses Muslims and Hindus by Memorizing ONLY ONE BOOK. Actually he has TV program name based on this book.
    Book name:
    by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (in 3 volumes)
    You can read it on line:

    Actually, if you open the above book, on line, and listen to ZK speech (i have done it online) his quotes that impress listeners come in order from the same book. It is different thing that he lacks moral courage to acknowledge his source of knowledge.

    You can see the original Urdu version:
    by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi

    Online link:

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  14. rashid

    In my above comment it should be ‘ZN’ for Dr. Zakir Naik, instead of ‘ZK’. Thanks.

  15. Majumdar


    Those were the people who apposed even creation of Pakistan and now they claim the fate of Pakistan. We need scholars like Zakir Naik

    FYI, it was Deobandis-Wahabis like Zakir Naik who opposed the creation of Pakistan, they were bedfellows of a nefarious charlatan called Gandhi all along. It was the Barelvis, Shias and Mirzaees who spearheaded the creation of Pakistan. MAJ (pbuh) himself was a Khoja Ismaili Shia if you know your facts. Zafarullah Khan who valiantly defended the cause of Pakistan in UN was a Mirzaee.


  16. ds

    Mr sultan comments are all emotional , typical of muslims.. standard set of illogical arguements only muslims understand ,or rather afraid of acknowledging that they are illogical “written in the book types”.
    Typical muslim, he challenges, threatens, doubt ur muslim quotient & quote a non muslim words about the book & pour scorn on other religions.
    He proves a fact that, Islam turns its adherents aginst their own family, neighbour, village, country, language, culture , dress, eating habits etc.. & makes you an arabic slave a.k.a mr naek

  17. shez

    leave it to PTH to stir up a controversy!

    I think ZN does more good than harm, but the things about him that bother me most are:

    His dismissive attitude towards other sects and religions.

    His failure to denounce terrorism and violence.

    @afaque: as always your comments about Pakistan and sufism are self-contradictory and make no sense.

  18. ahmad khan

    poor DS !!!

  19. YLH

    Frankly I consider this strategy of fighting fundamentalism (or more like the global “revival” by a middle class badly shocked by modernity) with traditionalism fraught with danger. On the road of progress, the middle class revival is really a rest stop… But promoting traditionalism is like taking a u-turn.

    The fact that the author has to point out ZN’s inadequate and less than “appropriate” reference to prophethood of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is precisely what is wrong with the picture. why then do you wonder when crazed fanatics burn down their own places of worship for some ill-advised and mis-directed caricatures in some third rate newspaper of a bumble-fck country in Europe?

    ZN is a clown. Take him as one. Like Ahmed Deedat – he is atleast self taught-islamic scholar and in actual reality a medical doctor. He is therefore a step up from madrassah-educated mullah.

    History tells us that over time, these revivalist movements mellow down. Maududi was the WORST of this lot. Yet his grandson today is a big supporter of mixed marathons …who would have thought? A branch of Maududi’s followers broke in form of Islahi …and now Islahi’s leading follower is Ghamidi whose interpretation of Islam is probably more modern, rational and progressive than anyone else in the Islamic world.

    Ofcourse others like Israr Ahmed went totally crazy… But that is to be expected.

    You also have people like Parwez and others…whose contribution is greater than the Mullah… All of them self taught.

    Similarly in the rest of the Islamic world you have the example of Tariq Ramadan …the great Islamic scholar and grandson of none other than Hassan El Banna -the premier Islamist leader of Egypt. Yet Ramadan is amongst the most liberal Islamic scholars of our time because he continued his grandfather’s tradition and evolved in it.

    The point is that this kind of revivalism is merely the orthodoxy’s last hurrah … the darkest hour just before dawn. Return to traditionalism however would be darkness at high noon. The Deobandi and Barelvi Madrassahs and the academies of ignorance in Fez and other such “sufi” tariqas (not to be confused with Pakistan’s syncretic popular cultural Islam) are bigger enemies of modernity than people like ZN.
    The great Gazi Kemal Ataturk banned all Sufi orders in Turkey for a period of ten years because in Sufi tariqas he saw a culture of laziness, lethargy and complacency… which were incompatible with the modern republic he was ushering in in Turkey.

  20. Sa'ad Abbasi

    I fail to see the point in Saadia Dehlvi’s Article. Do you have a personal grudge against ZN? In that case go take it out on him in one of his shows.
    Any body who has read the Quran carefully wouldn’y touch sufiism or things similar with a barge pole. One is actually alarmed by the repititive warnings in the Quran about Aulia, and so called friends of God, those who are attributed with powers to intercede with God on sombody’s behalf. And people like Saadia Dehlvi, who apperantly have never bothered to read the Quran and its context and message come up with distortions based on hersay as one listed above.
    YLH: What is this thing with you and Mustafa Kemal. You gotta stop doing that, otherwise people may suspect you of having a serious mental situation!

  21. Majumdar

    Abbasi sb,

    Most of the people in the subcontinent who have been converted into Islam were becuase of the sufis. Are you suggesting that the conversion of these people was fraudulent?


  22. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Maujamdar Sb
    Now that is a very tricky question. I wonder why you put it the way you put it?
    I dont have the slightest clue about the intentions, circumstances etc of those who converted centuries ago.

  23. YLH

    Abbasi mian,

    I see that something I have written has bit you pretty hard.
    To me you abbasi are a still a step up from the irrational superstitions of the madrassah-educated… That’s all I tried to say above.

  24. Sa'ad Abbasi

    “you abbasi”? Now you are an athourity on all of us? well thats an improvement atlast you are out of the Mustafa Kemal, Jinnah vicious circle:)

  25. Asad

    Baseless, useless, worthless article.

    The only contention that i have with Dr Zakir is his meddling with fiqh issues. That is not his area of expertise so better leave it to the orthodox ulemas. Other then that he might have said somethings that goes against the beliefs of some sect of Islam but in general i see him as a selfless and honest man.

  26. Tahir

    “i see him as a selfless and honest man.”

    an “honest” man who promotes and supports murders in the name of religion.

    What is wrong with Bush then?

  27. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Last evening i accidently caught a glimpse of a show on the tele in which a young man was mimicking Dr. Zakir Naik and ridiculing him. And if we keep in view the above article it seems there is a concerted campaign to tarnish his person and intellect.

  28. Majumdar

    Abbasi sb,

    Do you agree with Zakir Naik when he says that Muslims converting out of Islam should be killed as Mr. Tahir is saying?


  29. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Mujamdar Sb
    As i have replied in another discussion to the same question put by you. My personal research in the matter is not complete yet. Therefore i cannot give you a clear reply in the matter.
    However, keeping in view the Quranic injunction”If you do not know then ask those who are possesed with knowledge” And Dr. Zakir Naik is among those who possess knowledge. So for the moment i will be bowing to the verdit of the Ahlel Rai in the matter.

  30. Majumdar

    Abbasi sb,

    So basically I take it that for the time being you agree that apostasy should be punishable by death.


  31. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Mujamdar Sb
    So it seems!

  32. Dastagir

    SADIA :

    I am not trained in Theology per se(Technically, i.e.)… but i have a general idea of my own religion (Islam)., and also others viz. Hinduism, Christianity, Zoroastrian, Tao`ism, Sikhism, Judaimsm, Jainism, Buddhism, Communism and Atheism.

    I am very glad that 6000 Islamic Religious Scholars gathered in Hyderabad AP India, denouncing terrorism as something that runs against the very essense of Islam. Terrorism is nothing but “Anarchy”, and anarchy /disorder (“Fisaad”) are anathema to Islam.

    Sadia Dehlavi has a Sufi-bent of mind… We must respect her space. She is a generalist and not the right person to dwell on fatwas., and other issues where the devil lies in the details !

    IF Allah/God/Eashwar/Yehuda provides the means, Sadia is best suited to establish/run a nice School in Old Delhi. She has the Old Delhi Connection.. that Tehzeeb.. she is exposed to secular education.. She can groom kids by helping them evolve in an environment of “inclusivity”. Delhi Culture, Inclusivity, Sharing, Tehzeeb.. Respect.. Set aside the fatwas and columns… and set up a school, Sadia.

  33. Aliarqam

    Saad Sb
    “However, keeping in view the Quranic injunction”If you do not know then ask those who are possesed with knowledge” And Dr. Zakir Naik is among those who possess knowledge”
    But if U dont have the knowledge….How can U issue a certificate to those like DZN…who are not more than just parrots…His knowledge was exposed when asked some questions about Economy and Islam…by his petty bhai Dr. Shahid in his programmes….
    U “bazaam e khud” defender of faith and religion are pathetic when U attack on other with Neem Mullah thoughts…and when asked then say go back to Ehle Ray…..

  34. Aliarqam

    Man….U are asking questions about Sufiism etc etc….But unfotunatele all the material available on this is in Arabi,Persian and Arabicized,persianized Urdu…and U dont even know the simple Terms like Tauheed,Dou Aalam,Hashr etc…

  35. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Aliaqm: I said Ahleurrai and which does not mean DZN alone, Ahl is prural not singular. You have have a right to have your views about DZN but so do I.

  36. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Aliarqm: Arn’t you confounding the debate? so DZN does not have concrete knowledge about Islam and economy does that also mean he has no knowledge about anyother thing as well. Its like saying that doctor is an idiot he has no clue about rocket science!
    I do not agree with DZN’s Munazaras but i have never found him to be lacking in the knowlegde of Quran and hadith and thats what is under consideration here.
    Secondly i said that i do not have completed my research on apostacy and capital punishment and therefore have not firmed up my personal opinion in the matter, I never said that i have no knowledge about the issue.

  37. Sa'ad Abbasi

    shez; Man controversy is so essential for stimulating thought processes, discussions and debates, so we should be grateful to PTH for providing the platform for a healthy activity!

  38. Majumdar

    Abbasi sb,

    DZN does not have concrete knowledge about Islam and economy

    He claims to be a preacher of Islsm but if he has no knowledge of Islam what exactly does he know?


  39. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Mujamdar Sb
    There are so many diciplines within islam that its imposible for one man to have thorogh commands over all of them, for example Quran isa seperate dicipline,hadith is a dicipline, so is history of Islam and then there is the legal side which is referred as fiqh, and then there is Bilagh which can be tranlated as preaching and DZN is at best a Mubaligh similarly islamic Economics is a complete discipline initself. People today hold master’s and doctorate degrees in Islamic economics and even some of the major universities in the West offer it as a taught course.
    DZN’s understanding of Islamic Economics therefore can be limited.

  40. Majumdar

    Abbasi sb,

    From the POV of Indian Hindoo like myself, I guess it would be better if all Pakistanis spend their time and energy pursuing the learning of Islam and nothing else.

    We Indians can keep the humble stuff (like code coolieing and call centres) for ourselves, while Pakistanis can master the higher sphere of Islamic learning.


  41. Sa'ad Abbasi

    Mujamdar Sb.
    By all means, and good luck with it. We hope you make lots and lots of money:)

  42. A. Zulqurnain

    well i would like to point out certain things about the disscussion taken place here so far……
    1. @saadia, her article ofcourse carried some derogatory undertones for wahabis and safai despite of her claim to be a sufi follower…whereas sufism is REALLY all about love.ii) but her fundamental thesis about sufism is commendable.
    2. @ Msultan, typical bashing of shia and braelvi sects of rather corrobrate and proves the point that how intolerant some muslim can go of their own variant sects. further little pointers can analyse his comments in disspassionate manner…i) his conitnuous adjective of SELFLESS person for zakir naik on one hand and not saying a singe word for the praise of Zakir naik for Yazid on other hand speaks volumes for the preference of msultan and it definitly suggets who cares who.
    ii) his reckless attack on shia and braelvi sects only cater to his higly polarised bent of mind.
    iii) majority of muslims the worlde over know that worshipping graves of, even, Prophets, are haram. so the point sultan tried to make by quoting quranic verses is generally true but he used it here out of context and just to unleash more wrath on saadia. iv) the attack on darghas by sultan is not suggesting some truth coz sufis spearheaded the islam in sub-continent and now people like sultan are just trying to prove otherwise, is unjust. v) other point he made that indian muslims and iranian muslims have strong influence of zoarastrian and hindu cultures on their beliefs needs to be revisited thoroughly. look, islam is a religion which gives guiding principles and doesnt restrict the followers to any area, caste, creed, culture or customs. its a narrower version of islam that while changing the goegraphy it becomes a threat to the vernacular cultures and ideologies. so, mark the difference between religion and culture, where essential islamic values are not threatened having different culture than arabian one, is not a heresy at all. vi) sultan, answer me onething, why are you begging saadia to convert to hinduism so that she converts and ur DZK can easily sluaghter her on charge of conversion?… it looks a well-co-ordinated effort. kudos. btw nobody including you, me and saadia are enshrined with reponsibilty to claim practicing true islam and pushing others either submitt to our version of islam or convert, this is utter non-sense on anybody`s part. unless, we try to understand the difference amongst us and live accordingly, problems would keep surfacing.
    viI) i fully agree to sultan that nobody but ALLAH is to be worshipped in true islam. but there is no point in it to wrongly relate it to the saadia`s thesis of recitation of Darood with the name of Pophet (PBUH). recitation of Darood is not only permitted but asked by Allah to do it. so we should avoid creating confusion about settled issues just to make case against somebody or to make our own arguments forcefull.
    3. @afaque, how can a puritanical exclusivist cleric can fill the shoes of all inclusivist sufi saints of sub-continent? i wonder how u jumped to ur conclusion and went on even without giving a second thought before writing. ii) i am a pakistani muslim and i strongly reject the thesis of Afaque that DZN is all praised in pakistan, it looks as if he is revered as undisputed religious massiah in pakistan……. Not at all. he has a good account of memory and accumulated lot of data on specific subjects of comparative religions. i respect his expertise in his domain but people at large are certainly not impressed by the narrower ideological lines he takes to reflect essence of islam. iii) For God sake, afaque u wana DZK to lead pakistan? there is no dearth of every kind of divider in pakistan among religious , sectarian, ethnic and other lines. kindly spare him to India. iv) afaque, u said we need sufis like DZN . is DZN a sufi? hats-off for you, u have assigned him the role which doesnt fit him plus it would be dawn on him like a revelation like a revelation as well.
    4. @ shez / majumdar: their comments are weighty and seem to be reasonably sound catering to the arguments and objective analysis rather than mere accounts of ones pre-disposition with one or other notion.

  43. Well “A. Zul”… I did not say that DZN is a messiah for the whole population of Pakistan… ofcourse there are different people in Pakistan with different course of thoughts… and there can be no objection on an ordinary person’s DIScourse of thought… what I intended to say is that he is liked by majority of population in Pakistan and I guess you would not deny that.
    Then why I metamorphosed him to a Sufi of the modern day… Don’t you think he is the one who speaks for Muslims through out the world… How many challenged debates he has won…[you know about that?]… If we spare ourselves from fighting each other on petty issues of how we should practice Islam only then we will be able to see beyond that… He is the protector of Islam and people[Non-muslims] do get impressed by him… I don’t know whether by his memorization of Quaran or other referneces… but I ask what’s bad in even memorizing? How many of us even read Quran and how many of us even dare to read the meaning of Quran?
    So why to criticize a good scholar out of nothing?

  44. @Alien

    @ afaque and there can be no objection on an ordinary person’s DIScourse of thought… i agree with you!

    i wana know if u conducted that whether u conducted the survey to determine DZN popularity? if no then dnt write things by ur personal judgments.

    second, DZN himself proved himself controversial while saying that yazid be called -razi Allah. he is into winning debates and fancy presentations, fine but is it just that he is saying sth which is utterly non-sense and against Prophet(pbuh) teachings. open Para 16 of Quran and read ” Main tum say kuch nahin mangta siwayai iss k kat tum mairy qurba say mawadat karo” yazid violated God`s commandments, Prophets orders, islamic teachings, brutally assasinated muslims, attacked sanctity of Prophet`s family and ultimately rendered himself qualified to be the potential contestent for all time BRUTAL. M nt amazed at his advocay of yazid and soft corner for him, coz every body has right to protect his/her mentor. the moment he pronounced these views his artificial intellect, his smart presentations` myth was badly exposed coz if a person simply cant distinguish between murderer and murdered then ,even, his ORdinary intellect is questionabale. he tried to attach a prestigiuos suffix “razi Allah” with a person who by no standard of religion, humanity, history, civilization, law, ethics and even war ethics is justified. so afaque better u read urself the sacred scripture instead of relying on the person who presents only Half truth.
    Its like the ppl who r starved and have hunger pains bt they r equally reluctant to admitt that they r starved. my sympathies r with those including DZN — the celeberited non-celeberity.

  45. izahra

    those who think mr. Naik is on the right path may believe Yazid was on the right path. because the Battle of karbala was a war b/w kufr and Islam. the son of Prophet(PBUH) was on the path of islam. yazid was all in all kufr. plz read the history. after Karbala there are two islams one is of Hazrat imam Hussain AS and other of yazid. now identify ur islam. nothing more to say.

  46. Sa'ad Abbasi

    izahara: Your comment above is a typical mixing-up of unmixable things!
    Here are a few thoughts for your consideration;
    1) The last revelation of the Quran occured in 632 A.D. and was the following verse.
    “And fear the day when ye shall be brought back to God. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned and none shall be dealt with unjustly”.
    No further revelations occurred after this verse and the holy prophet died nine days after this particular revelation. So in 632 AD within nine days the Quran and the Sunnah were completed and thereby completing the religion of Islam.
    Beyond 632 AD is the rise and fall of the political Islam.
    The Hussaini and Yazidee struggle is part of the political Islam and is a culmination of a long political feud between the hashmites and the ummayads and relates to the sphere of ordinary humman transactions. It represents at best the struggle between republican Islam and the monarcial Islam and at worst power struggle between two Quraishi clans.
    The ensuing 13 centuries saw further twisting and turning of the tragedy of karbala by vested interested, which include the Abbasid coup, the division between Arabs and the Khurasanis under Abbasi Caliphs and later the struggle between Osmanli Turks and the Safavid Turks.
    What is lost in all these events is the fact that the Deen Islam comprises of the Quran and the Sunnah which was completed in 632 AD and since then has remained intact and in full humman record. So basically getting angry about calling Yazid R.A is like getting all worked up about a political event which no doubt has far reaching consequences in political islam but has little relevence to matters of faith. And when it comes to choosing an Islam I choose the Islam preferred by Allah and taught by his prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which is handed down to me in form of the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet.

  47. izahra

    Mr. Abbasi
    can u elaborate me this Hadith:
    “Hussain muj se hai aur Mei Hussain se hun”
    MEI HUSSAIN SE HUN??????????
    Wat is meant by these words of Prophet(PBUH)
    if it was political struggle what was that force that kept the name of hashmites sacred for always. can u undo their names association with ISLAm. do it if u can. I know u People can never do it.

  48. Nice to know that muslims are doing good for their religion and it was really sad to read the comments of writer on Dr. Naik

  49. Mohammad Kashif Khan`

    Asslamalkum 2 all the readers
    well,i read articles of Miss Sadia and M Sultan.let me comment on M Sultan.i think he is man of no knowledge of Islam.that is evident from his words claiming dargahs as temple and claiming Miss Sadia to be a hindu.he should apologize for come he can say that.the word he is using that people prays there yes they do but not to the saint there but to v know if there is a person who is very bad in his deeds.Allah ki laanat hoti hai us jagah par so jahan Allah ka wali{Dost ho} wahan uski rehmaten zyada hoti .so people visits there shrines to get the roohani faiz.which todays muslims cant understand as they have become materialistic.i can understand some lay men do the things which are not permissible in Islam that does not mean the place to be Temple.Sultan does not know what sin he has done saying such things he should do tauba for this.lets talk about Zakir Naik.he is the janashin of YAzid thats why he is supporting him.he might be good at memory but his aqeedah is totally wrong.he beleives in the ideology of praying to Allah yes evry muslims thinks that but he say it haram that the wasila should be used.he has not read anything.waseela sahabion ka amal hai.zakir says ke direct Allah se maango woh saint kaun hote hain tumhaare liye dua karne waale.are u mad Zakir Naik.apni ammi baap biwi se bhi mana kar dena ke dua na kia karen tumhaare liye.zakir naik doesnt know ke Adam{PBUH} ne Allah se jab maafi maangi hai to jab unhone Huzur{PBUH}ka waaasta dia tab Allah ne maaf kia.aur Waseela to khud Allah ki Sunnat hai.usne bando tak paigham pohonchaane ke liye Nabion ka waseela istemaal kia halanke woh waseele ka mohtaj nahin.but Allah ka tareeq hai.Zakir Naik thinks that whosoever has tasted the death can not do anything.Zakir Naik is an idiot.haven’t he heard about mairaj par jab Huzur{PBUH} gaye the and he met Musa{PBUH},Isa{PBUH}.Ibrahim{PBUH} they all were praying to Allah i.e Namaz.So Mr Naik tell me how come.let me tell u a Hadith Prophet SAW said whenever u passes to a graveyard say assalamo alaikum ya ahlal quboor.and he said that the people of graves replies the salam.but our ears cant an ordinary muslim can reply why cant the Nabi,Rasool,Aulia can pray for us to Allah.and let me tell u more that people think that Zakir is great scholar and this and that.they have not seen the Great Ghaus Pak R.A,Khwaja Moin Uddin Chishti R.A,Mujaddid Alfisaani R.A,Imam Suyuti,Imam Zehbi,Imam Ghazali,Imam Zarqani and Alla Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan R.A to all.what work they have done for Islam.Zakir Naik is no where if compared even can’t be as his aqeedah is wrong.i again warn all the muslims to be aware from such man.he will definitely corrupt your aqeedah.may Allah saves us from anti islamic man slowly slowly misguiding the innocent muslims.

  50. Undoubtedly Zakir naik is an aulia allah as I know a person whose difficulties used to vanish just by praying to allah “oh allah look at the good work of zakir naik and remove my difficulties..” Surprisingly his most difficulties used to disappear..Any person who has reached a height in islaam knows that zakir naik is a friend of allah and his replies change based on society as the sultaanul mashaaiqeen khwaja moinuddin chistey rahmatullah alihi (the khalifa from sallallaho alihi wasallam) started qawwali looking at the situation of india..zakir naik is the servent of servents of servent of khawaja minuddin chisti rahmatullah alihi..

  51. Zakir naik rahmatullah alihi is a friend of allah but is hidded I didnot wanted to disclose it but I had to as the situation demands however many people will not accept it because allah would ever like to hide his wali from people..I disclosed it as I remember a hadeed of sallal-laho alihi waallam whose mafoom is “if a peron say kafir to a believer muslim he himself becomes a kafir..” I am cared that most of the people in ignorance might get carried away(because of dajjal fitna) and utter such words against the friend of allah zakir naik rahmatullah alihi and become kafir..May allah save everyone’s emaan..

  52. zakir naik clearly said in his reply he used rahmatullah alihi with yazeed as the custom goes with sahaba and tabayeen and he also said that he never appreciated him neither he said anything bad against him but he appreciated hussain raziallahu anhu and said that he love grandson of sallal-laho alihi wasallam see his emaan.See he had to answer to a non muslim and had to close the question on a note so that he couldnot further question so he added rahmatullah alhi with yazeed..But kana dhajjal took an anti advantage and diviated some people(as a mafoom of one quranic verse is “shaitaan said o allah I will diiate human being from correct path but allah said that his followers will remain his followers and cannot be diviated”..beware of dhajjal fitna..zakir naik is a friend of allah..

  53. Libyana

    Guys, i just want to say a simple thing here……. Regarding the panelty of leaving islam is death…Punishment of Disbelievers at War with Allah and His Apostle
    Bukhari :: Book 8 :: Volume 82 :: Hadith 794
    Narrated Anas:

    Some people from the tribe of ‘Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine). They did so, and after they had recovered from their ailment (became healthy) they turned renegades (reverted from Islam) and killed the shepherd of the camels and took the camels away. The Prophet sent (some people) in their pursuit and so they were (caught and) brought, and the Prophets ordered that their hands and legs should be cut off and that their eyes should be branded with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should not be cauterized, till they die.

    Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 83 :: Hadith 17
    Narrated ‘Abdullah:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.”

    Regarding DR. ZAKIR NAIK may Allah be pleased with him….. all sufi , shia , wahabi, Ahmadi and other types of muslims with thier “distorted” islam will try to make a Dilemma from a single doubtful word said by him neglecting all his knowledge and Work in the Allah Path…. We need more scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik….. i’m not even defending here but he said nothing wrong. Love for Peace made muslims Cowards……Self defense became terrorism …… even if Osama and his group were NOT right people but in case when American troops(invaders) are there All Afghans, Iraqis and rest are in State of jihad…..

  54. Dastagir

    Jhagde ki Jhopdi…
    Jhagde ki Jhopdi…

  55. ishaq

    Why should we all not follow one religion islam. For our religion is One, God is one and the prophet we believe is all common. We need to realize the things. The differences are narrow….. And we are all muslims beliving in one God Allah. Please get away what naik says or what any one says. See what the scriptures say… and as i have heard mr Naik i have seen him quoting and are referred by me.
    We basically need to be one for the sake of Allah for the sake of ourself.
    May Allah unite us all.

    I ask a question .. is abolishing interest based earning ia bigger aspect or debating the unsolvable topic… we will be one first.

  56. M.khan

    Sadia Dehlvi,Let us be logical and reasonable because this is what Islam teaches and this is what education teaches.ZN said what is aqeeda of muslims (the part and parcel of ISlam) that ask only from your creator Allah and not from his creation including Prophet Muhammad and other saints as well.This quality alone keeps Islam different than others.Otherwise Islam would be same as Christianity and Hinduism.etc.etc.
    Instead of criticising ZN it would be better if critics would match his work.India is a great country go to people and present them Islam.And present Islam as it is not as the anti muslim scholars want it to be seen.

  57. Lubna


    Iwant to say some thing all of you,that is
    “Tum log khud main decide nahi kar pa rahay k islam min kiya theek ahi tu kiya tableg karo gay islam ki kiya tum log woh nai nasal ho jiss ko knowledge ki bajay aj b sirf behas karna jantay ho hasal kuch nahi ? tum logon ki behase k ZN thek hai nahi hai kiya hasil? kiya elam sirf scholor hi day ga ? yeh tu sirf way hain for God sake behase karo lakin ess per k Islam ko kasay duniya main phelaya jay kasay hum apnay paray Nabi SAW ki qurbani ,taklef ,ebadat jo hamaray liya ki kasay us ka samar hum dain ,YOU ALL in your life kiya kartay ho app log??? Kabi apni zat k benefit say nikal kar soach? kabhi hamary halat ko dekha ,riya kari, banawat,humanity,honesty,responsibilty,jazba qurbani, patriotism, kahan hai??? main pochti hoon app log ko un necessary cheezo per behase karny ki bajay agar payar mohabat (woh nahi jo ajj kal har aik har aik larkay ka shoq or larkiyon ) main tu ensaniyat k natay payar ki bat kar rahi hoon agar yeh sab karo tu kiya bora ? hamary politician hamary ghar hamary molak ko bapp ka mall samjh kar sale or puechase kar rahay hain lakin app log kiss behasem ain ho main tu yeh soach kar pareshan hoti hoon k Benazir shaeed hai us ki qurbani hai tu hamar Quaid kiya thay ??? logon ko benazir ka pata or Quaid ki bithday or death(afsos nak) kiss tarha celebrate kartay hain ??? koi batay mujh ko…
    main tu jahan dekhti hoon mujh ko ensan k roop main na jany kiya kiya log nazar atay hain samjhnay say qasir hoon main (Parants,sisters, special childern )Humaray Nabi nay Allaha k hukam per life ka har masla bataya hai practical b kar k sab kuch asa kiya hai jo behase karnay k liya reh gaya hai , for GOD sake woh karo Hindo,sikh or na jany kon kon kahan chalay gay lakim hum log jin k religion main payar akhowat ka daras hai woh khud ko maar rahay hain main main kisi fiqay say talaq nahi rakhti main sirf or sirf muslman hon main Allaha ko manti hoon maina Tamam nabiya ko manti hoon sahab ko manti hoon main sirf Itna chahti hoon Islam ko jasay ajj diyar gheer main yaad kiya jata hai or sirf muslmano ki waja say hi koi kuch nahi kehta koi kuch nahi karta hamary saray politicians kisi…. na janay or logon ko hero kasay miltay hain kiya hum awam hum log hi ess qabil nahi k hum ko koi aik b halat badlny wala molak or islam ko bachany wala mil jay jo maghrab walon ki ankho main ankhen dal kar kahay k ankh nikal lon ga agar pakistan ko kuch kaha tu or app log kiya … kiya app main say koi nahi ho sakta kiya hum nahi ho saktay ???kiya behase karna hi zarori hai ???

  58. Zakir Naik is absolutely right
    Long live Idol Breaker Naik.
    Hats off to him.

  59. amna quadri

    some fool people r following dr naik.
    sufism is the soul of islam , it is the islamic
    spiritulity. if dr naik is rejecting the islamic
    spiritually or sufism , it means he is rejecting the
    inner view of islam which is the soul of islam.
    how can then one can prosper without spirituality. through sufism we make our imaan strongest through divine knowledge & vision. 90 % of muslims through the world follow the sufism except saudi arabia these days . after origin of wahabism the spirituality decreased acording to the passage of time , so this gave a fertile place & time for the growth of a new thinking — wahabism. AND dr naik commited a big historical error by following wahabism family thinking………………. wassalaam

  60. waseem

    Dr. Zkir Naik is right person,if he said something and you think that he say something wrong then you should go to him and ask him why he said like this?
    if you cannot ask him then you haven’t right say any thing about anyone.
    if he said that Osama bin Laden is right then ask him why he say this.
    and please dont puzzle muslims and other people,if one person wants to do something for islam then you shold not resist him,and you should help him

  61. Mohammad Masum-ul-Haque

    Assalamualaikum Sadia.You are brave,no doubt.I want to see this act of bravery on to the dias.We will enjoy the debate between you and dr Zakir naik. But sister,before that, try to be informative, more specific and try to quote the references you have.Otherwise in front of audiences….you know….its not like writing an article on the newspaper.

  62. feroz

    dear brothers ..
    dr.zakir naik and shaik ahmed deedath are best defenders of islam .. they are succesful in preaching islam to the west ..but getting resistance from some muslims , especially muslims from india , pak , and bangladesh ( iran ,iraq)…. why they dunt buy his lectures or ideaology ..its simple coz its tough for them .. they want the easy way out .. who will pray five times in a day ?? who will fast ??? who will pay zakat ??? no neeed … just visit a dargah or sufi saint .. seek his allegiance and get jannah and all your wishes fulfilled …….its simple man a chadar of 2000 inr .. place it on some qabr (grave ) and get jannah ..coz this person of the grave will save them ????? its mockery of islam … islam is not about astrology ..islam is not about sufism or dargahs .. islam is not about qawwalis or music .. islam is not about great processions in market places .. its about peace , submission in totality to will of ALLAH .. and not to will of some sufi ….

  63. محمد أفضل غلام

    أنا أحب د. ذاكر في الله… كثير جداً

  64. Raju Brother

    feroz wrote:

    its about peace, submission in totality to will of ALLAH

    will of ALLAH as interpreted by your favorite bunch, I presume.

    There is no peace, when somebody claims the sole right to interpret the Book!

  65. asterisk

    Some religions are full of intimidations and false promises in the name of some god (supposedly one and only god). A certain class of human beings find that very useful. Their psychology is tilted in favor of fascism and then they get a religion or god or so-called holy book to support them. This class of humans has a huge amount of money, propaganda power, weapons etc. at their disposal. They have no let mankind develop towards a rational, peaceful, honest society. Observing the scene one is forced to conclude that the arab religion plays a major role in this socio-political catastrophe.

  66. TheRationalizer

    Put quite frankly Zakir Naik is a deceiver. He twists facts in order to deliberately give people the wrong impression.

    Why he does it I do not know, perhaps he does it for the money?