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DTN view on the ‘suspicious’ Marriot Hotel Bombing – And Not the Taliban.

Divining the News (DTN), Not Mainstream News says:

One report says: “Why haven’t the Taliban claimed responsibility for the Marriot”.

Another report points out Islamabad is the most closely surveilled place in Pakistan.

How could a Tribal possibly drive a truck all the way to the Marriot, and not be stopped?

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Islamabad, the miserable

by Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri

Mujhey koi achee khabar sona, meray khush nazar, meray khush bayan,
Meree kashtian hain bhanwar bhanwar, meree bastian hain dhuan dhuan…..

(Amjad Islam Amjad)

The Islamabad Marriott Hotel is no more. Islamabad – the beautiful, has turned into Islamabad – the miserable.

The Islamabad incident while highlighted monumental security lapses and loopholes in the country, it also raised questions about efficiency and professionalism of country’s disaster management infrastructure. Usman Manzoor reported in The News:

“The Capital Development Authority (CDA), like Nero of Rome, was playing the flute when its icon of security, The Marriott, was burning in the heart of the capital”.

“Saturday’s blast not only exposed the fire-fighting unit of the civic authority but also raised fingers at the high officials of the CDA and the cabinet division whose negligence left Marriott burned down completely. According to well-placed sources, the civic body had spent Rs 600 million on fire-fighting equipment but due to the contractor, who was to supply the fire-fighting equipment to the CDA, did not do so in three years and the hotel was reduced to ashes on Saturday night”, he added. Continue reading

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