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The secret life of a doomed hotel: remembering Islamabad’s Marriott

By Mark Corcoran of ABC’s Foreign Correspondent

A CCTV still shows security personnel gathering around a truck, on fire at right, that tried to crash through the barrier at the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. (Reuters TV)

It’s hard not to get emotional and very difficult to play the dispassionate journalist as I sit here, watching the Marriott Hotel burn on my computer screen courtesy of online news. Initial reports say rescuers still can’t reach the upper floors. How many colleagues, friends, acquaintances lie buried in the wreckage is unclear.

It’s the holy month of Ramadan, and the suicide truck bomber struck in the evening, just as hundreds of people would have been gathering to break the daily fast. Having attended such gatherings at the hotel, I suspect most of the crowd would not have been the Western infidels so detested by the extremists, but Pakistanis – and Muslims. Continue reading


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You hold your heart in your hands

The great struggle of life is the struggle of understanding the Self.  It is not the struggle to put food on the table, though that is often a great struggle (and for many it is a primary struggle).  It is not the struggle to establish justice, though that struggle is an obligatory struggle.  But, it is the struggle to know the Self.  If you know your Self, then you can excel in these other endeavors.

If you do not know Self, then how can you expect to have any sustaining, lasting change?  To change something within us, we need to know what is specifically broken or what needs to be changed.  Meaning, we need to know what is a symptom of a disease, and what is the actual disease.  Often, people cure symptoms, and overlook the diseases. Continue reading

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