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Islamabad is burning – down with terrorism

Raza Rumi

What jihad, what Islam and what kind of Muslims these butchers are – they kill innocent people, the underclass outside a posh hotel in Islamabad and think that they are serving some cause. And, this is the month of Ramzan when the Satan is apparently locked up….

The numbers of dead and injured are mounting – there is blood everywhere and a commentator has termed it Pakistan’s 9/11.

About time Pakistani government weeds them out and saves us all from this menace.

Horrific. Barbarity at its worst. 40 dead by now and hundreds injured….


ISLAMABAD, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) — A blast occurred outside Marriott hotel in the center of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Saturday evening, leaving at least 30 dead and scores of people injured, said the Pakistani Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik. Continue reading


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The real choice before Pakistan

Beena Sarwar

Sabre-rattling among some sections of the media and the army
notwithstanding, is the political opposition in Pakistan finally
being tempered by the realisation that the only alternative to the
current democratically elected dispensation is military rule?

There is surely no shortage of issues to oppose the elected
government on: skyrocketing food inflation, law and order breakdowns,
power shortages, its refusal to restore the judges by executive
order, rising sectarian violence and militancy, American military
incursions into Pakistani territory… The list can go on. Continue reading

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Accepter la responsabilité

by Kashkin

Many years they spent in control,
Of our fates and dreams,
Of all the time given to rectify
The old mistakes, the old blunders

Avoided they have, this responsibility
Like those old fears, glued to bones
Not a virtue they say “to accept”
The years of guilt- in conscience and soul Continue reading

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