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Admiral: We Can’t Kill Our Way to Victory, CNN

Shaheryar Azhar, moderator, The Forum

Four stories:

1. “Admiral Mullen: Troops Alone Will Not Yield Victory in Afghanistan, CNN
2  “Pakistan Orders End to Foreign Incursions”, CNN
3. “U.S. To Focus on Pakistani Border”, BBC
4. “Pakistan Did Not Agree to New Rules, Officials Say”, Washington Post

There appear to be contentious positions: US straining at the leash to go into Pakistani areas and Pakistan insisting it alone will act there. I have no way of knowing whether this is actually so or not or merely appears to be so. But it will be foolish for both parties to confront each other on such a matter. They both will lose and militants will win. So here is what I think should happen to achieve maximum results, if not outright victory. Continue reading


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