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On being a Pakistani man

Imaduddin Ahmed

Another Independence Day has gone! Yes, we lost our more democratic half and there’s quite a bit of turmoil here and there, but we’e here and we can say “Up Yours India!” and that’s what counts, right?

Well, besides being here, what do we Pakistanis have to show for ourselves? Two things that spring to mind are a few sporting achievements (a confidence booster for Pakistani male virility) and the Muslim-nuclear bomb, coupled with a few missiles – which means we’e good at erecting phallic tools that cause massive explosions (testimony to the fact that we’re not afraid of showing India how large our collective might is).

One wonders what the state might have accomplished had our army-worshipping culture not been so preoccupied by male sexual insecurities. But it sheds a sympathetic light on our predilection for imprisoning our women within four walls; men are also victims of their own chauvinism. Continue reading


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Pakistani Textbooks: Politics of Prejudice

Shaheryar Ali

Yvette Rosser is a famous historian from Texas USA. Her field of expertise is South Asian History, especially the “education of History” in South Asia. She has wrote extensively on “Politics of Historiographies”  in SouthAsia. A scholar with Post-modern turn she is critical of traditional left, especially in India. She has written an article on Pakistani text books. How hate and prejudice is cultivated in young Pakistani minds. Recently this subject got a great media attention in Pakistan, with General Musharaff’s rhetorical “change in curricula” policy, which like all  of dictator’s policies proved to be nothing more than  a propaganda stunt. Continue reading


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