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Engaging Pakistan—Getting the Balance Right

Here’s the summary from the latest policy brief from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Pakistan will remain a daunting challenge for the next American administration. The near-term challenge of defeating terrorism requires Washington to strengthen ties with the Pakistani military—the source of its national problems—whereas the long-term goal of nursing Pakistan to health requires a robust partnership with civilian leaders, which could undermine the military’s counterterrorism cooperation. Unfortunately, the United States cannot choose between these approaches. U.S. strategy in
these circumstances ought to consist of:

􀁎 Strengthening the civilian government in Pakistan.
􀁎 Investing in Pakistan’s human capital and supporting its civil society.
􀁎 Assisting Pakistan with counterterrorism while emphasizing the long-term U.S. commitment to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
􀁎 Encouraging Indo–Pakistani reconciliation without American mediation.
􀁎 Encouraging Indo–Pakistani economic integration.

Because Pakistan’s problems are deep-rooted, the United States should be satisfied in the interim with positive trends in governance, macroeconomic management, foreign policy, and temperate ideological orientation.

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