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Honor Killings in Babakot

In Babakot,
And in all those places
We don’t hear, we don’t see
The old tradition lives,
Underneath our skin
Inside our heads
Tarnished and convoluted
In the name of honor
Hangs the fate of women
In ditches, proof of our humanity
Shot, thrown and burnt
In the name of honor
In the name of humanity

Inside there, still unnoticed
Remains of our acts and virtues
We say we are in the 21st century
Far behind we are in time
And the wisdom and logic
Too long a walk, too hard to rectify
These old ways, upon us
Where we kill in the name of honor
Yet still alive those men
As they breathe the empty honor
For you and me, only the bitterness

Those beautiful faces, our daughters
Gone forever, heads sunk in grief
As words betray us, to describe
Heinous crimes and we call ourselves
The followers of prophet and Islam
In us, the old tradition lives
This indifference, not to protest
Not to challenge, not to hear those pleas
The moment their lives came into existence
To the moments thrown and burnt, in hell
The hell we have created, in the name of honor
If this is the honor, then shame a better option
I won’t have to kill, my daughters and mothers
As we betray humanity in the name of honor!



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Book Review – Crossed Swords: Pakistan its Army and Wars within

by Khaled Ahmed (Daily Times)

Author: Shuja Nawaz
OUP 2008
Pp655; Price Rs 695
Available at bookstores in Pakistan

Today an army built to face India is being asked to retrieve territory lost to the terrorists. Trying to reclaim lost terrain is like invading your own people, but the additional handicap imposed on the army is that it is being sent in without political support

Here is finally a definitive book on the Pakistan army. It is from a former IMF officer whose credentials are reflected in his dedication: ‘born in the warlike Janjua clan, brought up by Brigadier Mohammad Zaman Khan, his uncle, married to the daughter of Lt Col ID Malik, and brother of General Asif Nawaz, army chief from 1991 to 1993’. The book has the advantage of primary sources and a vast array of interviews with the dramatis personae of a very controversial army. His hand is steady, his judgement moderate, on a theme of excesses. Continue reading

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